Tantra  Teacher Training LoveWorks Testimonials

Since 2011 Australian School of Tantra has offered Tantra Teacher Training in Byron Bay. Professional and individuals have participated in the training from many areas including, sex therapists, psychologists, naturopaths, acupunturists, educational professionals, teachers,  midwives, nurses, social workers, professional counsellors, yoga teachers, personal coaches, reiki therapists, transpersonal counsellors and others in the well-being and wellness industry. What they have in common is the desire and willingness to assist their clients and the people in their lives with  loving relationships and conscious sexuality. Diane embodies the wisdom of living with ‘LoveWorks principles and practices as foundation of her wisdom, and will take you on a transformational journey with her teachers in a 4 day training to give you the knowledge, skills and practices and framework to assist others!

Here are some of the testimonials from students of their trainings as well as some testimonial’s from student’s clients.

Testimonials of  students from Tantra Teacher Training LoveWorks

I felt the full integrity of the teachers a very safe environment was created for us to fully explore this area of sacred sexuality for me, it totally surpassed my expectations, giving me practical tools to continue this deepening as well as the confidence to utilise these skills in my coaching and training practice. I am very happy I attended.
Brad, Melbourne, Transpersonal Psychology

All the skills and techniques taught in the LoveWorks Program are easy and can be put into practice. The demo’s were done in a beautiful and caring heart centred space. The energy was amazing and the help went above and beyond. The teachers are friendly, caring and helpful. The hand outs are full of info and the books and dvd are a great aid. I will share my knowledge and the course with everyone I know and passing on your details to my clients!
Corina, Psychologist, Sydney.

Thank you so much Diane, the Earth Queen; energy, beautiful Soelae and all involved. You have handed me  the worlds a sacred gift. The whole course was valuable, the way the course flowed and the way each day unfolded was what made it easy to digest. Soelae’s beautiful yoga energetic- connecting with spirit, flowing with spirit was such a beautiful easy to start the day and has inspired me to journey further into a broader range of yoga and to teach this.
Rebecca, Yoga teacher, Nowra.

The pulsing healing made me realise the sacred energies we are working with here and I very much want to learn more, I feel like I have taken a small sip from an ocean. It was a perfect course; it was a taste before journeying deeper. Enough to take in and take away and come back for more later.
Amanda, Reiki Master, Townsville.

Diane, Thank you so much. The loveworks training has been so valuable to me for what I want to do in my professional life, but also has impacted my emotional/personal life in a profound way. I value your compassion, your knowledge and your connection. What you have taught me will allow me to create a greater image in my work with women and couples. Everything was perfect from the presenters, to the venue, to the music choices, to the content.
Ray, Headmaster, Country NSW.

We have studied and taught many different levels of tantra in the USA. Kerry’s and Diane’s work is unique: they are what they teach.
Larry, Tantra Teacher, USA.

 I’m Gemille from Sydney, some of the past trainings I have done include 2/3 sex therapy workshops by Sandra Perot and ACT with Russ Harris. Currently I am a clinical Psychologist dealing with depressions and anxiety with couples and individuals, sex therapy and intimacy issues. The knowledge gained from the training will be implemented in to my current work.
Gemille, Sexologist, Sydney CBD.

Some of the past trainings I have done include Birthlight Baby Yoga Diploma, Birthlight prenatal yoga, Jothi Lawson Yoga Mum, Budda Bay, and the Rainbow Family & Community Yoga 320 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Professional I currently co direct and teach Rainbow Kids Yoga, Sun Moon Partner Yoga, Rainbow Family & Community Yoga and the 320 hr teacher training worldwide. I loved so much of the  LoveWorks Tantra Teacher  training  including sensual meditations, sacrum awareness, yoga, body awareness, exercises for the pc muscles, exercise for women who have modesty issues with their body to use exercises in Diane’s book, Sexy & Sacred, the magic strokes. I also enjoyed the yoni/lignum “touching” exercises for breathing and release. Ive included many of these in my own teaching now!

I have enjoyed all aspects of the training. Thank you Diane, your Tantra Professional Teacher training has enriched my life, my partnership and the ripple effect is transformative. A whole new world has been opened up for me. My partner and I are now living much more consciously together as teammates in life. I am so excited to go home and share your knowledge with my family, girlfriends and women (& their families) living with cancer. The healing quality of sexual energy and heart yoni / lingam is profound and magical; I can wait to share this. Having completed this training I feel happy, whole & enriched. Your training was delivered with love, integrity, fun, safe and professional. Thank you for ,sharing your passion with me, I loved it!
Angel Yaffa, Rainbow yoga teacher, Byron.

I have previously done the HAI Level 1 & 2, at present I am taking a break from work as I look for a new direction. With addition of this training on a professional level I am looking at coming up with a structure for re invention of men, men who have divorced after many years of marriage / lost loved ones. I would like to base myself in country areas. Kerry’s segment of the training was exactly what myself personally was wanting to tap into. The overall course gave me an abundance of information to guide me into the next direction of my professional and personal life. Completing this Professional Tantra Teacher  training has left me very inspired with a lot of confirmation that I am on the right track with the way I think.  LOL
Louise Murphy, Port Macqauire

I have completed many  past trainings  including Quodoshka, Red Lodge, Shamaric Recapitulated Dear Mourning, Bars, Reiki, Tantra body/energy work, spiritual healing, Angel intuitive, NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis – oh Mind powers! Thai Chi instructor. Currently I am a relationship and intimacy coach and educator which I will be implementing this training in to. Whilst I knew a lot of the practices or had my own versions I was working with from other trainings, there was still plenty more knowledge to take in and new things. What I liked was that it has given me a bit more structure to work with. I will definitely be creating tantra for couples as there is only one couple on the coast doing this type of work and now I have more skills to bring in depending on their needs.

Completing this training I feel expanded, invigorated, tired and excited to start creating and bringing this aspect into my existing clientele and marketing to new clients.
Pauline Ryeland Intimacy Whispher and sexuality coach

 I’m Maria from Wagga,  I have participated many workshops including with Kerry and Diane in 1994, Tantra workshop with Graham & Annette in 2004, Tantra workshop in Bali with Diane Robert 2013 and I have diplomas in teaching, massage therapy, aromatherapy, meditation courses and marriage encounter.  Currently I am a  high school teacher and a remedial massage therapist. With the addition of this LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training I will be working with couples on relationship development.I have enjoyed so much of the  practices in the Loveworks training, from the basic heart to heart, daily devotions, meditations, pelvic bone healing, I loved the mandala activity and found it healing and life giving.
Anna Davids, facilitatot from Wagga

Past trainings I have done include as a pranic healer, certificate 4 TAA, Relationship therapy and as an Angel Therapist. Currently professionally I am a spiritual healer with the focus on relationships. With the use of the LoveWorks training I will incorporate the teachings in to my client sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed the format of the training, theory, then practical, this worked brilliantly. The structure was perfect, like building a house – layer upon layer. Thank you for your generosity in teaching. I will start to run Goddess retreats and use this material. Noelle Harb, Sydney


Testimonials of clients of previous students

With Michelle in Brisbane

Emily and Scott, 44 yrs and 48 yr

My partner and I have been together for 9 years and have his teen age sons living with us every second week. I have been interested in learning about tantra and curious how it could benefit us, we have a loving relationship and our love life is pretty good but I thought it could do with some extra energy!

Michelle helped us feel very comfortable after our initial hesitancy. She has a lovely session room and was so professional yet in a relaxed way. Scott and I were very impressed and loved the guided session which was tailored to suit our needs. I loved the’ heart to heart’ connection plus the profound but simple communication exercises to ’ask for what you want’. We learnt the basics of tantric massage to practice at home. I’m ready to book for the second session. Thanks Michelle!

With Shelley in Sydney

Cash and Leah 29 yrs and 28 yrs

I’ve studied yoga and meditation and was interested in learning new skills and how to incorporate ‘presence’ and ‘mindfulness’ into my love life with my new partner.

Shelley talked about the value of tantra in all stages of a relationship and introduced us to a meditative way to connect.  To me it felt like a wonderful integration of the soulful with my romantic and love life. Leah, although quite new to things like meditation, really felt a deep and stronger connection and feeling with me.  I was amazed that just after one session how much closer we were. We’ll be back in a few months for the next session.

 With Layla in Sydney

Liam 28 years and partner 25 :

La yla was able to customize specifically for our needs as a couple. Sarina and I have a very good level of communication skills already so I was surprised by the power of insight gained by  ‘authentic communication practice’. Also I had previously learnt about semen retention practices but did not have much success. The theory and perspectives made so much sense and was easy to apply in my practices later with Sarina and suited me so much better than before. This in itself was amazing. Thank you.

 With Claire in Adelaide

Bill 54 years & Nadi 52

Bill 54 years: As I work away in a fly in fly out situation there was always a period of adjustment when I went home.  Nadia and I felt like strangers and it was very hard to break the ice and enjoy ‘intimate time together’ before I had to fly out again. This plus health issues put immense strain on our relationship. We had tried to speak to our local GP about it and to a referred psychologist, unfortunately they helped very little and our relationship deteriorated terribly that we were contemplating separation after 30 years. Our couple’s session with the Australian School of Tantra has allowed me to make a connection again with my wife. Since completing three sessions over 4 months ago, I have also noticed better communication and physical pleasure for my wife. We now get back to the basics, balance time for ourselves, working together to get back on track with our love life and lovemaking. This has not only saved our marriage, but I have learnt new skills, which I will practice, practice, and practice. It is a wonderful path to take; it has opened my mind to a new way of thinking. We have now set out our sacred area, practice our breathing and exercises and we now have a much better understanding of the way we each ask for things.

Nadia 52 years:Claire instructions on how to come together and to learn the tantric process has been invaluable. I found Claire to be amazing – as our situation was very complex – I didn’t find the sessions confronting at all, she is very understanding and educational with a real depth of knowledge and experience which we benefitted from.  We have both committed to study & invest in our new path taught to us by Claire