LoveWorks Programme

“LoveWorks’ Tantra Modules

Pre reading and exercises are given to be completed before commencement. 

80 page workbook is supplied with 12 PDF client handout sheets to can give to your clients or friends on individual topics and exercises. Pre training modules and extra reading are required.

Section A. Overview

  1. Why people want to learn about Tantra and Sacred Sexuality:
  2. What do you understand by Tantra?
  3. Traditional Tantra and contemporary Tantra
  4. Tantra Terms
  5. Contemporary Tantric approaches
  6. Yourself as Educator
  7. Talking about sex?
  8. Ethics

Section B.  About the body, and Body-Mind connection

  1. Orgasmic Response
  2. The LoveWorks model for sexual pleasure
  3. Senses
  4. Micro cosmic orbit
  5. Making time…relaxation
  6. The place of Ritual and sacred space.
  7. Optimal health
  8. Conscious awareness of self, beliefs, values, reactions.
  9. Body movement – keeping the energy moving
  10. Body awareness
  11. Integrated nerves, muscles, ligaments structures
  12. Nerve supply of the female genital system
  13. Main Pelvic neural pathways
  14. More on Hormones
  15. Genital Heart Mind Connections
  16. White Tantra practice

Section C. Men’s Concerns and issues

  • The major areas our male clients want to be helped with are:
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Virility
  • Multi orgasmic
  • Making love rather than sex

Section D. Female issues and concerns.

  • Body image
  • Inner feminine
  • more pleasure through life

Section E. Communication

  • Language of intimacy
  • Tantric Meditations Couple’s practice
  • Tantric couple’s meditations
  • Tantric couples’ meditations
  • Tantric couples’ meditations
  1. Structured communication for pleasure
  2. Advanced communication skills

Section F. Tantric massage and Touch and Pleasure

  1. Modalities of touch
  2. Loveworks Yoni Massage
  3. Loveworks healing YONI Massage
  4. Genital Pleasure massage
  5. LoveWorks: Women’s sacred massage
  6. Lingum massage
  7. 3 Keys to extend pleasure
  • Breath
  • Sound
  • Movement
  1. Keys helping to expand pleasure
  • Muscle release
  • Thought release
  • Breath release

Section G. More Advanced Practices

  1. Power pack meditation for youthing and rejuvenation
  2. Pelvic animation
  3. Harmonising libido
  4. Daily Devotion
  5. Slow Sex
  6. Tibetan pulsing