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A book on tantra by Diane Riley. This material is extracted from Sexy & Sacred and copyrighted and protected by copyright laws.

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Have you ever experienced waves of pleasure radiating throughout your body after making love? Have you felt a pulse from your vagina down your thighs to your toes and up through your belly, breasts and shoulders to your fingertips? Have your experienced a heart so full, that you’re in a state of bliss, and you feel totally satiated on every level: body, heart and soul?

If you find yourself saying, ‘I’d like that’ or ‘Yes, and I want more’, then this book is for you. In these pages are the secrets to opening your sexuality to new dimensions, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sacred feminine

In certain ancient cultures, a woman was considered to be in the presence of the goddess of love and sexuality if she was in a state where her sexuality was imbued with spirituality.
The female principle, as embodied by the goddess, was pivotal to many civilizations. From the pre-Christian cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, female sexuality, fertility and divinity were integrally connected. Female divinities were worshipped as the creative source of all life. In these times, feminine wisdom, including sexual knowledge, was passed down in women’s places of learning, from one wise woman to another. Until recently, this rich inheritance of knowledge and sexual practices had been lost, suppressed and denied to women.

And change is unfolding. Women continue to challenge and change their roles in family, career, religion and politics. More recently, we’re also courageously addressing our sexuality … the goddess of love and sexuality has been awakened from her slumber and once again we will find her influence in every aspect of our lives.

This goddess has had many names throughout the ages and different cultures, Aphrodite, Venus, Inanna, and Shakti, to name a few. In these pages, you will find I refer to her as ‘the erotic goddess’, ‘inner divine sexiness’, ‘sacred sexy feminine’, ‘your inner divine lover’ or simply ‘goddess’. And she is in all of us. We all reflect some aspect of her in ourselves in some way. Most of the literature available on ‘the goddess’ looks at her qualities from an historical or mythological perspective. In this book, I give a practical approach as to how women can incorporate and develop the ‘sex goddess within’ into their everyday lives.

Pleasure and sacred sexuality

Central to the book’s theme on sexual secrets for women is the study of tantra (from ancient India) and Taoism (from ancient China). A great many of the books currently available on this topic are sourced from original texts written by men for men and so the information revolves around what the man should do for sexual and spiritual enlightenment, not what the woman should do.

Few sexual secrets are disclosed for women to enhance their own sexual pleasure with their partners, particularly in the case where the woman is the initiator. Practices for women are not easy to find.

However, through my studies and experiences with tantra and numerous related teachings on the subject of sacred sex, as well as my research on feminine sexual traditions, I have discovered connecting threads that reveal secrets about female sacred sexuality. So an innovative and unique feature of this book is that the secrets of sacred sex are presented from a woman’s perspective. I write this book from a heterosexual orientation; however I do invite lesbian and gay women to also take and adapt what practices they choose, as these practices can bring extra love, pleasure and connection into every woman’s experience.

On a personal note, I have three children, have been married for 28 years, run my own business and understand the pressures of modern day living, so I’ve included practices in this book that are down-to-earth and ‘do-able’. In the first part of the book the practices are those which are beneficial for all ages, and some can be introduced to girls and young women, while in the second half the practices are for the adventurous.

You will find secrets and practices that work — they have been successful for thousands of women of all ages and from all walks of life who have attended my workshops or private consultations.

I’ve spent the past 28 years researching, studying, travelling, and teaching sacred sexual secrets that, until now, have been inaccessible to many women. This work is close to my heart and I am committed to it in my life — as I am committed to sharing it with other women.

Lamentably, there’s nowhere near enough information available that enables a woman to nurture her inner feminine sexuality, to be that goddess in sexual relationships, as well as in other areas of her life, and to bring the sacred into her lovemaking.

This book provides the knowledge and introduces the practices that will enable you to explore these notions. The process may involve your learning a number of sexual skills as the erotic goddess draws on many techniques in her lovemaking. You may already use some of these skills and ideas; perhaps you have read about them in glossy women’s magazines or other sources of current information on sex. In fact, some of the skills we learn about may not appear all that different to what you already know, however don’t be mislead as there is a great difference.

In this book you will learn ways to awaken the erotic goddess within you and tap into that source of potent, fully blossomed sexuality and heightened capacity for pleasure that is your birthright. Through the information and practices, you will discover and celebrate a new depth of sexual acceptance, realise your sacred sexual power, expand your knowledge of sexual skills and on a practical level, enjoy your lovemaking a whole lot more. You’ll bless your partner with experiences he or she won’t forget!

By putting into practice the sexual secrets for women given throughout the book and embracing the goddess of love within, you are choosing a sacred path to love and pleasure.


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