Adelaide Tantric Coach Tantra Adelaide and Tantric Sex Education and Coaching

Waratah from Tantra Adelaide, offers tantric sex education and relationship coaching for couples and individuals. She is an accredited Counsellor (Grad Dip Soc Sc) and Coach (Grad Cert Wellness) with a 20 year background teaching, studying and practicing yoga and mindfulness.

Currently completing Masters Studies in Sexology, she has a deep and abiding passion for maximising human potential and relationships. Waratah completed her tantric sex and relationship training with The The Australian School of Tantra early this year which capped off over 20 years of self directed study in Taoist and Tantric practices through lovers, marriage and child rearing in addition to self direct studies within these areas.

Tantra Adelaide, Tantric Sessions for Couples and Singles

As a gradutate of the LoveWorks Tantra Practitioner  training Waratah brings tantra to Adelaide and  a wealth of knowledge and understanding to her work in addition to her natural warmth, empathy and enthusiasm.  She now teaches about tantra and tantric sexuality in Adelaide. Waratah is based in the Adelaide Hills and sees couples and individuals for Tantra Education and Relationship Coaching as well as running workshops for men, women and couples.

Benefit of Tantra for Couples

Waratah takes a transpersonal coaching approach to working with individuals and couples around sex, love and intimacy, which allows the process to be holistic and transformative, solution focused and positive.

The LoveWorks program creates empowerment at the deepest core of your being, infusing meaning and fulfillment in your relationships and your sexuality, at all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Holding an innate belief in the power of personal transformation and human potential, her work is grounded and practical whilst maintaining a depth of spiritual understanding.

Waratah aims to create an environment in which to inspire you to reach your potential, with all the peace, wellness and fulfillment that fully embodied and positive sexuality can bring.

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Included in your session is a copy of Diane Riley’s Sexy & Sacred one of 3 tantra products offered by the Australian School of Tantra.