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Welcome to the Australian School of Tantra where we offer Tantra Goddess Session for Men, Tantric Sessions for Couples, Men and Women as well as our best selling Tantric books, “Sexy & Sacred“, “Sexual Secrets for Men” and our Tantric Sex DVD Secrets of Sacred Sex; “A Guide To Love & Intimacy.

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Tantra Training

Tantra Practitioner Training

Interest Now Open for enrolments for Sept 19-22nd  2024 in Byron Bay . Limited positions. Tantra Teacher Training, Professional and Personal Use: Integrate Loveworks Heart based Tantra frameworks and skillsets into your current business or building a new one with Tantra and conscious relating as its foundation, you can make one of the most impactful moves both personally and professionally. Add these unique teachings and practices to your own modalities for use with clients, individuals or couples to assist enhancing relationship and sexuality issues. Whether single or in relationship, this course will undoubtedly add enormous value to your life

Tantra DVD

Tantra Products

Tantra Books & DVD's

Tantra Books ‘Secrets for Men’ and ‘Sacred and S>xy for Women’ best sellers around the world and translated into 4 languages Employing tantric secrets the books show how to transform s. x into passionate connection, fulfilling on every level, body, heart, and soul. Written by the directors of the Australian School of Tantra . Read, practice and learn! Introduce yourself and evolve concepts of Tantric love plus the international best seller DVD

Tantra Sessions

Tantra Sessions for Couples & singles

Are you curious about tantra and want to find out nurture passion and presence and bliss! Tantra Holidays in Byron Bay. Personal sessions or via Zoom. Australian School of Tantra Sessions for couples and singles draws on contemporary s..x research, traditions of ecstatic love and a wealth of practical wisdom for more connection, passion, and joy. Learn Tantra massage or the Art of Tantric relationship, effective and respectful communication, arts of sensuality for prolonged and heightened passion. Whether you are single or partnered, having been together for one week or fifty years tantra has some thing to offer everyone, to enjoy even more love, more joy and so much more pleasure!!!….