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Australian school of Tantra copy right 2013Australian School of Tantra has professional and accredited Tantra for couples around Australia

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Meet our Professional Sydney Tantra Couple ‘LoveWorks’ Coaches in Sydney

Tantra for couples; tantric sex and relationship coaching is becoming increasingly popular with smart couples who know to ‘feed’ their relationship.

Sydney Tantra couples sessions enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy. Relationships are like a garden and to flourish they need attention and given care. Living with love takes some mindfulness and attention. Gone are the days where you would just fall in love and the relationship then looked after itself because your partner ‘knew’ that you loved them. That is a previous generations belief which many people held and when the stressors of living put pressure on partners, as individuals,   often some thing had to give.  That often shows up in relationship as lack of patience, lack of empathy and consideration for the other. Love melts exposing dissatisfaction and drifting apart.

Tantra for couples enriches and renews. Spring is here.

Love is in the air, feed the garden, breathe a new focus into your relationship, have a mini honeymoon. Take a weekend, or an afternoon or evening to experience the difference a tantra coaching session can make in your love life!

Whether you are in a new relationship wanting to discover the meaning of tantra and fabulous living with love skills, or in a long-term relationship and know you both can go deeper, or  to refresh and revitalise your love, or perhaps you have a specific focus to explore the professional accredited “LoveWorks’ practitioners will guide you to experience a deeper level of intimacy and connectedness to your love partner.

Tantra  for Couples Coaching sessions are usually about one and a half hours long.  They are very respectful and honouring, inviting a sense of the sacred into your relationship.

You can come to just one session or book into a series of four.

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We run Sydney tantra   couples  sessions and lessons wishing to connect with each other emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our couples sessions are suitable for new relationships, long term relationships as well as couples with children.

Attending a  sydney tantric couples sessions will take your relationship to the next level learning skills such as connectivity, breathing techniques, longer lasting sex, tantric massage and communication.

We have 3 wonderful teacher in Sydney Laura and Layla who work from Waverton and Noelle who works in Hobart. They will help take your relationship to the next level. For more information on our teachers please click on their below profile.

Meet Our Sydney Tantra Teachers:


Sydney Tantric Couples Coach Rachel

“ Rachel has been running sessions for referred clients with the Australian school of Tantra for over eight years. She educates couples by guiding them through the Loveworks Program which is a step by step introduction to authentic communication, deepening connection, and igniting passion and desire back into relationships.
Rachel’s own journey with Tantra was incredibly transformative and profound, she knew it was her life’s purpose to be sharing this sacred knowledge with the rest of the world.
Teaching couples and individuals the benefits of Tantra has been a beautiful and enriching life experience for Rachel.
Seeing couples flourish and surrender into new depths love, trust and pleasure with one another deeply touches her heart.”



Tantra for Couples Testimonials:

John  42, & Sara 32, Living together attended Tantra for couples sessions with Diane Riley in Byron Bay

John Says: Our session was excellent so comfortable, enjoyable I highly recommend it. I have learnt new skills for both emotional and sexual connection.

Sara Says: Diane is professional, very knowledgeable and very warm. She made the session very comfortable and safe. I thoroughly recommend it to and couple, novice or experienced who would like to broaden their love-making, relationship and passion. The learnt practice and style was very helpful.

Emma 40, Chas 39, Together 10 months. attended tantra for couples sessions with Laura in Sydney.

Emma Says: The session highlighted positive aspects of our relationship which are easy to overlook. I have taken skills away to help me with physical issues as well as how to deeply voice my appreciation for my partner.  Our session  was professional, we both felt very comfortable through the entire session, it was beautifully facilitated, thank you.

Chas Says: Through our session I have learnt how to connect with Emma in a physical way. I  was amazed to have a new take on sexuality, and value my pleasure connection with Emma so much more.

Kieren & Amy Together 28 years: attended Tantra for Couples with Sapphire in Perth.

Amy: Skills such as daily devotion, communication, massage and sexual energy were fantastic. It isn’t often that I have an experience that is both inspiring and relaxing, Thank you!

Kieren: Communication with touch is not something I was familiar with I have realised now that so much can be said through touch and I am going to improve on this in my relationship with Amy. Thank you.

Wayne & Bridget 38 Living Together for 2 Years: attended Tantra for Couples Session with Lani in New Castle

Wayne Says: Thank you Lani for your guidance and understanding and advice in the sessions. You have given me the tools to work on my sexual and intimacy problems I realise now that sex/intimacy is not just about the end result it is about the connection, respect and trust also.

Bridget Says: With a busy schedule our communication was suffering. Our sessions with Diane have given me the tools to communicate our desires and to connect on a deeper level. Thank you Diane.

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