Sydney Tantra Massage Couples Coach

Layla – Tantra Couples Practitioner (Sydney and Byron Bay)

Layla Tantra Couples SessionsTeaching Tantra for couples for over 5 years with the Australian School of Tantra and is also qualified Tantra Yoga teacher. Layla’s passion is for supporting a couples journey towards wholeness on every level body, mind, heart and soul.

Layla has studied Tantra, sacred sexuality, love and relationships with Kerry & Diane Riley (ASOT) and other teachers from around the world including Tantra yoga teacher Colin Kym, Vedic meditation teacher Gary Gorow, completed various programs at the Osho multiversity in India on intimacy.

Layla has dedicated her life to her inner spiritual journey, and to the discovery of enhancing the sexual relationship between lovers. As well as coaching for stronger emotional intimacy Layla can coach you in the arts of tantra massage.

Layla hold’s Tantra sexuality and relationship couples sessions in both Byron Bay and Sydney.


  • 'Thank you so much Rachel for today. You’ve opened up a whole new world for us. We feel closer than we have ever felt. I feel like we have finally come home to each other after all these years. I am so grateful.' Dimity and Josh... 2019 Tantric Couples Coaching
  • I learned so many skills and practices including how to 'coach' a couple. The presentation was excellent with a combination of lecture, demonstrations, discussions, paired process, slide presentation and discussion of case studies.  Kerry and Diane are very authentic and 'walk their talk, they laugh, have fun and are sincere and are masters of tantra. Tantra Yin Yoga teacher and Yoga Trainer
    Tara, Loveworks Tantra teacher Training March 2017
  • I learnt so much about how to guide/teach people how to establish more connection between their heart and their body, so as to make sex a more sacred intimate and pleasurable deeply loving practice. Thank you Diane and Kerry for a wonderful 4 days. I truly appreciate the wisdom imparted and appreciate the impact that their teachings will have on my own life and the clients that I see.
    Leanne Wood, LoveWorks Tantra Teacher Training March 2017
  • I highly recommend this training. Kerry and Diane took the very vast teachings and distilled them to soulful teachings and practices that can be returned to again and again. I'm incredibly grateful to witness 'true' tantric couple bringing ancient teachings to modern life!
    Natalie Bondine, LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training March 2017
  • As a counselor I found this training so valuable. It was a complete step by step guide, put together so well. There were so many fabulous practices to be able to integrate and share with my clients.  
    Sarah, LoveWorks Tantra teacher training March 2017
  • This training was just want I wanted to add more skills and practices to my counselling practice. I will be able to use many of teh white tantra practices was well as the couple practices with clients. the training was respectful and fun and Kerry and Diane shared so much wisdom and experience. Brilliant!
    Janette, LoveWorks Tantra teacher training March 2017
  • Just brilliant! I really appreciated the heart felt centered sex positive message and the presentation. I recommend the Loveworks Tantra teacher training  because it was not just theory. This was well researched, holistic and LIVED. Taught by two people that I consider genuine Tantra masters in the fullest sense of the term.  Diane and Kerry are beautiful beings you can trust your heart and relationship with. Thank you !!!
    William Federico, LoveWorks Tantra teacher training March 2017
  • I realised how tantra is a vehicle for understanding daily life. I gained more understanding of men's psyche as well as how to help them in a supportive way with their issues, as well as learning about managing the Kali energy. It was wonderful as a visual learner to have practices demonstrated by Diane as she would work with clients in her own sessions. This really assisted my understanding and learning also that we practiced all skills in pairs or small groups and worked with many case studies. the training was such a fun and supportive please to learn, and really felt comfortable to express myself without my usual shyness, which will be invaluable with my own clients.
    Aninha, Loveworks Tantra teacher training 2017
  • Thank you Diane and Kerry for this Training. I loved the program as it is systematic and well thought out.  It's so practical, down to earth and well structured that it will be very easy to add to my sessions with my own clients to add to their daily life. The LoveWorks program brings the skills of sacred sexuality and tantra into the realm of daily life.
    Tegan, LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training March 2017
  • Thanks Soelae,
    We have been enjoying our homework and I wanted to give you some feedback from our session on Sunday.
    We were both unsure what to expect but as we are very committed to our relationship we are keen to try something new, especially if it could introduce a spark back into our lives.
    We were both very impressed by the way you managed the introduction of what could have been confronting concepts, thank you.
    We are very keen to build on what we have learnt in these few days, we are feeling closer and more aware of each other's feelings, again thank you. We have made a contract and look forward to the closeness that comes with the practice.
    We will definitely book a further session with you !
    Kris and Angela
  • Jenna, 29 years I wanted to learn new skills and move into deeper connection with Ray. We had done some couples premarriage counselling but this was so different. As a meditator I was interested in learning how to incorporate meditation into lovemaking. Diane guided us through microcosmic orbit and deep flow breath together. I felt such a charge and it was absolutely incredible. Thank you Diane Riley and the Australian School of Tantra
  • Richard, 35 years, Shell and I have been living together for one and a half years, we get along so well. She is out going and very sensual. I wanted to learn more skills and be a bit more emotionally open with her. I googled tantra and found the Australian School of Tantra. The tantric skills Diane explained and guided us through really heightened the passion I felt, I was blown away! It was a wonderful experience with a lot of take home skills for us. I hope to do another session later in the year. Shell, 32 years. I had heard about tantra focusing on passion and more intimacy. And this is certainly what we got. I was in tears of emotion,. .. good emotion. Richard opened up, I felt so connected and a real transference of energy and connectivity with him. Absolutely amazing Diane. Thank you!!!
    Richard and Shell
  • Ray 31 years, We were visiting Byron Bay on honeymoon from the US and were referred to see Diane riley at the Australian school of tantra for a lesson. Our friends had seen her a few years ago and loved it. So we thought why not. The setting at Coopers Shoot was so beautiful and we had immediate rapport with Diane who was a wealth of knowledge, tips and information. We didn’t know too much about tantra except it was supposed to build intimacy, Diane’s session covered wonderful tuning in for deeper intimacy, setting up lovemaking rituals to do weekly, or birthdays, anniversaries etc. I also got amazing information about secrets for making love for longer. Jenna and I feel deeply moved and connected , the same feeling as we did when we said our vows to each other two month previously! Thank you Diane the Tantra Lesson was great!
  • Thought I'd write you a wee note to thank you and honour you beautiful souls for the gifts you weave into people’s lives. As Ben and I journeyed slowly down the coast we rolled the swags out at various stops along the way, laying under the nearly full moon nestled into each other’s arms we noticed our bodies were vibrating! What majick we posses within and what magnificent journeys we take to find this. I noticed cathartic shifts in Ben in his own self too. I feel very drawn to using this work to unlock and heal people’s hearts and energies, to help them on their journeys within and to in turn heal the earth. I know it would take a whole process of unlocking and nurturing and opening for people to be ready to let themselves dive into the more energetic mandalas, but I feel the need to offer this and also what I have gathered on my own journeys for others. I do however feel I need to learn more about the mandalas and possibly do some more sacred sexuality study and any guidance would be taken with gusto!
  • Justine -22 Together 5 years Diane was absolutely lovely, non-judgemental, accepting and even incorporated some humour to keep us relaxed and at ease. I can tell she is confident with her own truth and that made me feel comfortable with my on. What she has done for us in this one session was just magical. From teats to deep feelings of groundedness she brought me on a beautiful journey with my partner. Thank you Diane. Daniel - 25 I enjoyed the perception and advice you were able to give specifically to us individually and as a couple. The techniques are simple and I hope to incorporate these into everyday life. I enjoyed their tea, the place and felt very comfortable! I am looking forward to using the skills Diane showed us to get in touch with the heart during sex more frequently.
    Justine & Daniel
  • The course has given me a broader perspective on lovemaking than sexual intercourse alone. I appreciate the research and compassionate approach used by Diane & Kerry. This has been a very fulfilling and though provoking weekend. Thank you. Diane is a wonderful communicator full of patience and good humour and it is a joy to learn the art of tantra from her. She has helped us and our relationship more than anything else we may have ever done. Thank you so much.
    Will & Rae
  • Dans liked the acting- you guys re-enacted real life situations both positive and negative very well. We loved your passion and energy while you gave the course. It was great how much energy went into developing the trust & connection. This has helped me the most. Previously it has hurt having sex. I was concerned this was physical and have spent lots of money on natropaths and Osteopaths. This course has taught me that my pain was more from an emotional place, not feeling sexy & connected on a deeper level to my partner. Last night we has the best sex ever- we were so connected and no pain at all! Thanks both Kerry & Diane.
    Chrissie & Dan
  • Lovely to see a couple who walks the talk and inspiring to see how far one can go. Thank you for the teachings, with the group, a loving and enlightening weekend.
    Stephen & Sarah
  • Both my partner and I have had a history of wanting a connection but not knowing how to bring it back once it subsided. As a women I needed the love feeling in my heart before I could feel the desire to sexually connect. My partner needed the sexual connection before he could feel his love. We have learned techniques such as daily devotion and heart breathing to allow us to come together, The rest we have learned then follows. Thank you Kerry & Diane.
    Vince& Bella
  • This weekend has been a joyful experience. The affirmation of appreciating our partner and being able to communicate that on a level that is beneficial to both of us is gold!
    Sean & Susie
  • Diane and Kerry created a beautiful sacred relaxing space for us to explore what tantra can bring to enhance our relationship. The weekend workshop was delivered un a open and loving way allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the teachings of tantra. Our loves are more enriched for having participated in the workshop. We thank them from our heart.
    Jude & Amanda
  • Max: The best aspect of the session for me was developing a safe, respectful and trusting WHOLE SOME experience with each other, that is full of physical, emotional and spiritual beauty. Janice: Kerry & Diane- Thank you! I appreciate the time and effort that you have both put into your lovemaking and willingness that you have for each other and for putting it all together in a way for Max and I to access and take back into our loves and our love and of course our family and friends. I have had such wonderful experiences- thank you!!
    Max & Janice
  • We all live such a busy life and loose contact with our partner, causing pain for both. Kerry and Diane's workshop is so proactical, with detailed direction in a friendly, trusting environment. Thank you guys so much we will keep in touch.
    Terry & Cassandra
  • Kerry & Diane teach in a straight forward, honest and open style. I am sure that my realtionships could be saved if more people learnt and applied these principles
    Don & Annie
  • The exercises really helped to cultivate trust and importance of this aspect in helping to breakdown the barriers to communication. The importance of being comfortable with each other and to communicate what each of us want. The learning of new skills to enhance our love life. To expand our understanding of how the body works and how everything is interrelated. Great content: Informative, relevant, sensitively presented, numerous, fun, sexy and sensual. Personally I found that working with such great presenters helped to break down many “taboo” aspects of sex that had always been in the background for me.
    Darren & Lisa
  • As a survivor of sexual abuse, the information provided has allows sex & sexual practices to be normality. The weekend has allowed me to start to build the fundamentals, I need in order to have a fulfilling & enjoyable sexual experience.
    Karen & Matty
  • “I cannot thank you enough for the most fantastic wedding anniversary ever! Since Robert made a visit to Michelle and purchased and read your book, we have been the best students ever. Every morning and night, we can’t wait to enjoy, participate, and do the lovemaking practise Michelle showed him. The practice usually lasts for an hour or so and then we mutually give ourselves totally to each other in the most fantastic spiritual, mind blowing sexual adventures. We began last Thursday night after Robert’s appointment with Michelle and we have not had a day or night since then with the most pleasurable, unexplainable loving sometimes 3 hours of great sex! The reason for today’s message is an amazing 1 hour orgasm that I experienced, after one of the practices he learned. After a late lunch we were drinking red wine and enjoying great Italian food in Melbourne, we went back to our hotel when the 1hr orgasm happened. I have never heard of such a thing happening before, so was taken by surprise. When I told Robert what was happening, he began laughing like I have never heard before and I had tears of joy running down my cheeks. We held hands and looked each other in the eyes, trying to get what was occurring! The intensity was stronger, longer, and deeper than I have previously experienced and totally consuming. I could do nothing but sit on the bed, hold on to Robert, and be overwhelmed by pleasure. Orgasms for me have in the past been quite elusive and although Robert is patient and still wants to give me pleasure I had difficulty. Not any more thanks to you guys. I am telling you because you will understand our joy and pleasure and I need to tell someone!!! We feel like teenagers again, unlimited energy, we feel like we invented sex! Robert’s penis has never been so strong and mighty and my vagina has been pulsating and wet continually. Even in my teenage years I have never been so sexually aroused, satisfied and pleasured. Robert contacting you was because he wanted to fix his erectile difficulty and for us to have a good 23rd wedding anniversary. Well it certainly worked! Never thought at 60 years of age I would be sending such an email. Thankyou once again for a fantastic book and for the session’s with Michelle, which have brought unlimited pleasure and loving into our busy lives.”
    Robert & Geraldine
  • Sarina 26 years: Tom and I discovered Tantra four years ago at the very beginning of our relationship. I had done some lessons with a Tantra teacher in Brisbane and then took Tom along also. We learnt some basic skills then but after the initial excitement of about a month we had stopped and couldn't work out why! Thank you Diane for providing some vital pieces to our jigsaw puzzle so we can continue on our journey. We had a foundation of Tantra in some of the previous practices and but lacked some of the pivotal understandings and skills which Diane provided. I highly recommend Diane and the Australian School of Tantra, whether you are new on this journey or already enjoying the benefits of Tantra as her depth of understanding and wealth of experience makes a huge difference. We will be back again for another coaching session soon. Tom 28 years: Diane was able to customize specifically for our needs as a couple. Sarina and I have a very good level of communication skills already so I was surprised by the power of insight gained by Diane's 'authentic communication practice'. Also I had previously learnt about semen retention practices but did not have much success. Diane theory and perspectives made so much sense and was easy to apply in my practices later with Sarina and suited me so much better than before. This in itself was amazing. Thank you.
    Sarina & Tom
  • Bill 54 years: As I work away in a fly in fly out situation there was always a period of adjustment when I went home. Nadia and I felt like strangers and it was very hard to break the ice and enjoy 'intimate time together' before I had to fly out again. This plus health issues put immense strain on our relationship. We had tried to speak to our local GP about it and to a referred psychologist , unfortunately they helped very little and our relationship deteriorated terribly that we were contemplating separation after 30 years. Our couples session with the Australian School of Tantra has allowed me to make a connection again with my wife. Since completing three sessions over 4 months ago, I have also noticed better communication and physical pleasure for my wife. We now get back to the basics, balance time for ourselves, working together to get back on track with our love life and lovemaking. This has not only saved our marriage, but I have learnt new skills, which I will practice, practice, practice. It is a wonderful path to take, it has opened my mind to a new way of thinking. We have now set out our sacred area, practice our breathing and exercises and we now have a much better understanding of the way we each ask for things. Nadia 52 years: Diane instructions on how to come together and to learn the tantric process has been invaluable. I found Diane to be amazing - as our situation was very complex - I didn't find the sessions confronting at all, she is very understanding and educational with a real depth of knowledge and experience which we benefitted from. We have both committed to study & invest in our new path taught to us by Diane.
    Bill & Nadia
  • The sessions have opened up so many new possibilities for us and all of them achievable. This will enrich our already wonderful relationship and take us to a whole new level of sexuality and loving. Thank you.
    Laura & Jim
  • I found out about The Australian School of Tantra off the internet. I was curious about tantra and what it would make available to take our intimacy and connection to another level. I had previously studies personal development to become a trainer. Through out the workshop we both learnt how to deeply connect with the heat – to express my femininity and allow my man to be the masculine! Diane's approach to sexuality and connectedness leaves you feeling so comfortable and in a safe space to express what is missing or what isn't working as well as you would like in your sexual relationship so you are left more empowered and excited to expand and take your relationship to a whole new level. Brilliant experience. Thank god for Diane!
  • What I took away that will be of value in my relationship is taking the time to connect on a heart level. Being more present in lovemaking and the sacred element to relationship. I have been using daily devotion feeling of connecting and discovered more loving appreciation exercises which have eased conflict. Our tantra sessions have brought us back into love that underlies our relationship.
  • I was so impressed by Diane's insights into the dynamics of man.woman realtionships. I saw the value of appreciating the 'differences' instead of my usual resistance and reaction to my partners 'feminine' communication skills. I'll be able to relax and enjoy my 'beloved' a lot more deeply than ever before. Thanks Diane
  • Heather: Our couples sessions was quite confronting but very enjoyable. Diane is very easy to talk to and its a relaxing environment. I will definitely be taking away communication skills and a better understanding of the other sexes needs. Tim: The session was very enlightening and nice. We now have a better understanding of each other and more enhanced lovemaking.
    Heather & Tim
  • Anthony: The practice of massage in love, communication in the “practice” of love – pleasure for both. You have enables me to open my eyes to love making and what it can be. Mary: Communication, involving touch, sensation has been one of the greatest points taken from the weekend. You have taught me how to improve my communication skills about what is pleasurable to both of us in the bedroom. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical sessions and examples/scenarios. The course has great content and how to use the content for each partner. Giver & Receiver.
    Anthony and Mary
  • Mark: The session has given me a brand new feeling for me to open my heart to my parner. Thank you, it was an awesome experience. Dan: I learnt how to open up our hearts and enhance our non verbal communcation as well as enhancing constructive communication.
    Mark & Dan, Mark & Dan
  • Kelly: What I wanted to take from the session was to learn new skills, enhance emotional intimacy, connect in a spiritual way with my partner, enhance my and my partners physical pleasure and to incorporate meditation with love making. After my session I am ready to stop making excuses, use the tools taught and move forward. I am now able to bring myself totally to the present moment with Greg. I have learnt to trust Greg with my deepest sexuality, Yoni and heart. I have been able to improve my sexual expression, vocalising, bringing myself to the present and not escaping into fantasy or apathy, (i.e. 'don;t worry about me, I'll be fine'). I now know how to ask for what I want in tantric sex. Diane you were lovely. I enjoyed the background history and explanation about tantric sex and your perspectives about budhist tantra and how contemporary relationships can find balance between a busy life and love life. Greg: I want to engage on a more emotional level, know and please my partner. Explore the depth of our hearts to improve life overall. Our session has given me the skills to make love for much longer than before.
    Kelly & Greg, Kelly & Greg
  • I decided to contact Diane from the Australian School of Tantra, about doing a tantric sex education session as I wanted to embrace my sexual energy, balance feminine, heart connection and gain skills to harness energy for possibly longer orgasms and work towards female ejaculation. I gained so many skills through my session with Diane particularly understanding more about energies, embracing the feminie and sending love to Yoni. She explains to me, and guided me through various Tantra sex skills for women. The tantric sessions were professional, non threatening, clothes on and so much fun. These tantric sex education sessions were the highlight of my holiday to Byron Bay.
    Elizabeth 42 Single with Child
  • All the directions taught in the LoveWorks Program are easy and can be put into practice. The demo’s were done in a beautiful and caring heart centred space. The energy was amazing and the help went above and beyond. The teachers are friendly, caring and helpful. The hand outs are full of info and the books and dvd are a great Aid. I will share my knowledge and the course with everyone I know and passing on your details to my clients!
  • The simplicity and structure of the sessions and framework throughout the loveworks training was great. Being able to do the taught practices so we can experiment embodying what it feels like to receive or be part of a practice. I loved the energy work with Tibetan pulsing and the practical skills o enhance relationship. I appreciate you both greatly. Thank you.
    Carly: Yoga Teacher & Personal Coach
  • All the skills and techniques taught in the LoveWorks Program are easy and can be put into practice. The demo’s were done in a beautiful and caring heart centred space. The energy was amazing and the help went above and beyond. The teachers are friendly, caring and helpful. The hand outs are full of info and the books and dvd are a great aid. I will share my knowledge and the course with everyone I know and passing on your details to my clients!
    Jules: NLP Trainer, 2012 LoveWorks TantraTeacher Training
  • Peter Says: The couples session was just great, I feel we have relit the fame and understand each other on a more intimate, deeper level. I will take away our commitment and how sacred our relationship is from our session with Diane. Sally Says: Our session with Diane have emphasised that we need to take time to stop and communicate. Having been together for a long time we have seemed to have misplaced what we once took for granted. Diane has given us the tools to get that spark back and fall in love all over again. And we were given so many sacred sexuality skills to bring heightened pleasure into our love life.
    Sally & Peter, Married 30 years.
  • Diane & Kerry, Thank you so much. The loveworks training has been so valuable to me for what I want to do in my professional life, but also has impacted my emotional/personal life in a profound way. I value your compassion, your knowledge and your connection. What you have taught me will allow me to create a greater image in my work with women and couples. Everything was perfect from the presenters, to the venue, to the music choices, to the content.
    Kim Gillespie
  • Robyn Says: Just to know we can take out time to just feel and really get to know what my partner likes and wants from me is an amazing feeling. The presentation during the session was great as was all the information and I have learnt many new skills. Steve Says: Our Couples Tantra Session has been exactly what I have been looking for. Diane was very personable and easy to listen to. I feel the entire session was touching. Everyone needs this type of education it is what myself and my wife needed. I will be back for more sessions.
    Robyn & Steve, 57 years, Married 30 years
  • Diane and Kerry are amazing presenters, holding a sacred space for us to dive deeply in to the area of sacred sexuality. The simplicity with which the delivery and content was given has make me feel confident in my ability to use these tools ongoing with myself and others. There was no ‘ego’ around these teachers and I feel privileges to have experienced their energy, their work and their presence. I totally recommend the trainings, no matter how experienced you are with Tantra. I felt the full integrity of the teachers- a very safe environment was created for us to fully explore this area of sacred sexuality for me, it totally surpassed my expectations, giving me practical tools to continue this deepening as well as the confidence to utilise these skills in my coaching and training practice. I felt that in the session with Kerry some beautiful and major shift happen and I am deliriously happy.
    Premananda: NLP Trainer, Spiritual Mentor, Author of ‘Becoming Premananda’, Personal Coach
  • Jen Says: Diane was a really lovely teacher, I enjoyed the session thoughtful and relaxed imparting of information throughout the session. The communication skills we took away as well as techniques on rhythm and movement of energy through love making and connectivity is invaluable. Thankyou Peter Says: We will take away all aspects of this fabulous session with Diane. I am sure all the skills and techniques she has taught us will have a positive impact on our relationship, love life and sexuality.
    Peter, 49, Jen, 44 Married
  • Thank you so much Diane you have provided such wonderful advice in a peaceful, respectful and nurturing environment in Byron Bay. The tantric sex communication techniques you have taught me I can not wait to adapt to my relationship along with the breathing and meditation techniques for our lovemaking. The techniques and skills are easy to do yet so powerful. I’m looking forward to bringing my partner along to learn more tantric sex and relationship lessons together.
  • Thank you so much Diane, the Earth Queen, Kerry, filled with the fire & energy, beautiful Soelae and all involved. You have handed me & the worlds a sacred gift. The whole course was valuable, the way the course flowed and the way each day unfolded was what made it easy to digest. Soelae’s beautiful yoga energetic- connecting with spirit, flowing with spirit was such a beautiful easy to start the day and has inspired me to journey further into a broader range of yoga and to teach this. The pulsing made me realise the sacred energies we are working with here and I very much want to learn more, I feel like I have taken a small sip from an ocean. It was a perfect course; it was a taste before journeying deeper. Enough to take in and take away and come back for more later.
    Rebecca Perry: Yoga Teacher, Mentor
  • Karen: Skills such as daily devotion, communication, massage and sexual energy were fantastic. It isn’t often that I have an experience that is both inspiring and relaxing, Thank you! Kieren: Communication with touch is not something I was familiar with- I have realised now that so much can be said through touch and I am going to improve on this in my relationship with Karen. Thank you.
    Kieren & Karen Together 28 years
  • John Says: Our session was excellent so comfortable, enjoyable I highly recommend it. I have learnt new skills for both emotional and sexual connection. Sara Says: Diane is very professional, very knowledgeable and very warm. She made the session very comfortable and safe. I thoroughly recommend it to and couple, novice or experienced who would like to broaden their love making, relationship and passion. The learnt practice and style was very helpful.  
    John (42) & Sara (32), Living together
  • I had participated in both the Tantra Goddess Practitioner Training and feel that the LoveWorks training was different- I am leaving with a sense of power that has been confirmed during the 5 day course, I know that I will make a huge difference in people’s life. Diane and Kerry I love your passion about your work. You truly show it. My life has been transformed from the day I looked into Tantra and I am grateful for that.
  • Wayne Says: Thank you to both Diane & Kerry for your experiences and words of kindness and advice in the sessions. You have given me the tools to work on my sexual and intimacy problems I realise now that sex/intimacy is not just about the end result it is about the connection, respect and trust also. Bridget Says: With a busy schedule our communication was suffering. Our sessions with Diane have given me the tools to communicate our desires and to connect on a deeper level. I learnt what my man wants in the bedroom and also how to ask and direct him to giving me what I want in bed! My pleasure has increased multifold! Thank you.
    Wayne & Bridget 38 Living Together for 2 Years
  • Emma Says: The session highlighted positive aspects of our relationship which are easy to overlook. I have taken skills away to help me with physical issues as well as how to really deeply appreciate my partner. Our session was very professional, we both felt very comfortable through the entire session, it was beautifully facilitated, thank you. Chas Says: Through our session I have learnt how to connect with Emma in a physical way. I feel the information and outlook towards Yonni & Lingum as their sandscript meaning is a beautiful way to explain to kids, and to understand myself, what privates are all about.
    Emma 40, Chas 39, Together 10 months
  • I am just writing to thank you for your session, it really is a great program. I honestly reckon it has the power to heal almost any relationship and I am very pleased my partner and I decided to do it. The session contained so much more than I thought it would, so once again thanks very much and all the best.
    Rob & Justine (2 year relationship in their 40’s.. Both second marriage)
  • Thank you Layla! I just wanted to let you know I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had last night and cried for about 10 mins after. Sean has repeatedly told me he loves me & I feel like my heart is bursting. Thank you so much for today, good work, this could not have happened with out you!
    Susan, 32 & Sean 34, 2nd Relationship With Kids
  • Rebecca Says: I can't wait to explore Tantra at home with Pete, and explore our desires and wants. The classes have been fantastic, well informed knowledge of Tantra which is much more involved than I first thought, in a great way. Thank you Soelae :) Peter Says: Daily devotion was totally new and sensual massage I hadn't tried much before. Soelae has given me these practical skills along with the capability and skills to understand my wife's needs/likes and to achieve her wishes. Fantastic 3 sessions in a comfortable environment.
    Rebecca & Peter
  • Wayne Says: Thank you to both Diane & Kerry for your experiences and words of kindness and advice in the sessions. You have given me the tools to work on my sexual and intimacy problems I realise now that sex/intimacy is not just about the end result it is about the connection, respect and trust also. Bridget Says: With a busy schedule our communication was suffering. Our sessions with Diane have given me the tools to communicate our desires and to connect on a deeper level. Thank you Diane.
    Wayne & Bridget 38 Living Together for 2 Years
  • “I took the Practitioner Trainings with the Australian School of Tantra in 2007, and have been able to integrate the teachings into my own practise. My main modality is Ayurveda, but I also practise Reiki and several styles of massage as well. Many of my clients have discussed sexual issues with me and they are interested in improving their sex life. So, I use my own modalities but add in some of the practises I learned with Kerry and Diane’s teachings, and I give individuals LoveWorks Tantra practices to do at home that I learned in the training. My most joy comes from working with couples, teaching the Tantra skills and that’s been a major part of my work for 5 years now. I get excellent feedback and feel enriched that I have been able to help so many couples.”
  • Adrian: The Australian School of Tantra, and these Private Couples Coaching Sessions were highly recommended to me by Phoenix Rising in Brisbane. I have trained as a Sports Kinesiologist. The unforgettable session met all my expectations. I did not know much about Tantra and now I’m very excited with all the new knowledge. Diane helpe us to connect, the techniques were easy to learn and simple to follow and yet have made a significant change to our relationship. I look forward to continue to learn more, and I will be recommending these sessions to everyone. Thankyou for your kindness and gentleness. Lisa: I am trained in NLP, Rebirthing and Kinesiology, we were recommended to come from Phoenix Rising. Over three days I have been fortunate to learn Sacred Sex techniques from one so gentle and experienced as Diane. My husband and I have learned beautiful practises, such as Daily Devotion and Heart-on-Heart which I know will be a part of my life from now on. A deeply informative, practical and enriching experience which I would highly recommend to any couple.
    Adrian (47) & Lisa (62), 5 yr old relationship, married, children & grandchildren
  • Hi Sylvia, I highly recommend LoveWorks Tantra for couples wanting to re-connect, open up communication, deepen their love connection and enhance their sexual lives.We found the experience very professional and a great learning experience for both of us. And we are looking forward to our next session!!  Rebecca & Ian  
    Rebecca and Ian
  • Recognising the interconnectedness between being sexy and sacred, delivers great soulfulness to our lives as women. As a result we open to inner wisdoms as well as to our most deeply sensuous and divine feminine nature.” From Book 'Sexy and Sacred', Diane Riley
    'Sexy and Sacred'
  • I lacked sexual confidence although I’ve had a few long term relationships I had just broken up and wanted to reconnect with my feminine side. Diane guided me through the Golden Chalice exercise that connects sexual energy (kundalini) in the hips and taught me how to raise it through my self. I practice this now every morning before work and I feel I just radiate more sensual energy, it’s just great. Marie, 28 years
  • I’ve been inquisitive about tantra for a few years. I talk to my girl friends about sex sometimes however we don’t really say anything new than what we knew in our 30’s. I’ve been married for thirteen years and my husband is in his early 50’s. We both enjoy sex however I thought tantra could teach me some extra skills. I wanted to bring some thing new to our relationship, to surprise him to put some zing back into it. The lesson I had with Laura was fabulous. She was great and I quickly felt comfortable talking to her about all sorts of sexual matters. She coached me though some of the tantric slow sex practices to focus more on my own pleasure and importantly then demonstrated some erotic massage techniques that later I practiced on my husband. He as very keen about it! I certainly want to learn more.  And thanks for the wonderful book 'Sexy and Sacred, that was included with the session Thanks  Patricia, 49 years,
  • As I was approaching my 50 th year I knew I was going through my mid life crisis. Great job, great house, great family but I wanted more out of life.  I loved my wife and our love life, but the spark was fading. I didn't want to cheat. Tantra was the answer, there were three lessons which opened up to me a new way of looking at seuxal loving.  I feel so much more pleasure now. I was always wanting my wife to 'feel good' and I missed out on focusing on my own sensations, on receiving the love that she was giving me. Tantra taught me to stop my 'doing'  for a moment and focus on my 'receiving' instead. Sounds simple ... but a big turn around for some one like me who has been an achiever all his life.  Phillip, 50 years.
  • I got a whole lot more out of the session than learning to last as long as I want to. It’s changed my total approach to making love and let me assure you the women love it. This stuff is mind opening, I feel healthier and more in touch with my energy and direction as a man.Shaun, 33 years.
  • I was curious about Tantra. I am taking tantra lessons in Melbourne with Ayla, I’ve got to say the experience has been eye, mind, and heart-opening, and one of the most confronting and rewarding experiences of my life to date. I’ve always been interested in Tantra, so I’m glad to have finally taken the plunge. John, 28 years.
  • I wanted to learn more about my sexuality as I was quite shy. I  decide to explore  more potential with the Tantra Goddess .  I immediately felt comfortable with Lotus and with each session surrendered more to her healing touch. She guided me gently and lovingly and helped me overcome some fears and increased my self-esteem. I am amazed at the power of my experiences especially with the valley orgasm and I’m incredibly thankful to Lotus. She is a true Goddess! Nick 34 years
  • I had a tantra massage before and enjoyed it, but I wanted to know more about Tantra and how to use it with my girlfriend. I learnt control skills, heart skills and skills to keep me in the “now”, not performing, and tantra skills to turn her on more. These tantra sessions are so much more than Tantra Massage. Thankyou! Jock, 45 years.
  • I wondered what all the talk was about. So I took some lessons, and I've found there is so much more than what I knew before- awesome! Riley, 23 years.
  • Having been widowed and not having a relationship since for over 15 years. I thought my sex life was finished. I was too hesitant to look again. So I decided for some tantra lessons. Now I'm speaking to the ladies again. Lennard, 69 years.
  • I love women, and was good with them - however I was ready to meet the one. The tantra goddess showed me the skills of  how turn sex into lovemaking. And now I've found the special one- what a difference. Sawyer, 42 years.
  • After a long term relationship split up I lost confidence in how to 'be' with a woman in a meaningful way. Tantra skills gave me the tools. Peter, 45 years.
  • My wife said she didn't want sex any more. I decided to learn more skills to bring more intimacy and pleasure into the bedroom. It worked! Who said old dogs can't learn new things? Michael, 66 years'
  • I love my girlfriend, and she told me to get my staying powers sorted. And I did! Thanks Jason, 26 years.
  • 'An amazing experience, definately worthwhile and more than just a tantric massage.'  Pete, 33 years.
  • I loved our LoveWorks couples session particularly the appreciation, learning to open up and transform feelings into words. I loved tantric breathing skills together – the energy exchange creating ‘one-ness’. Emma, 29 years.
  • We had been to marriage guidance counselling in the past. Nicholas wanted to develop skills to make love for longer and to put a new spark into ourrelationship, and I wanted to learn skills to better communicate my needs and  learn to connect spirituality with sexuality, as well as to incorporate a new perspective in our relationship. Diane delivered beyond our expectations. What wealth of knowledge and practical guidance. We are still practicing 6 months on having integrated so much. Tilly, 44 years.
  • I really enjoyed everything, I believe these practises will bring Scott and I even closer. Shaney you have a gentle, lovely way of explaining things, we covered a lot of things that were new to us. Personally I think the understanding of taking time to just being together and touching with going straight into sex , to create opportunities to share intimate moments is important and valuable learning in our session. Thank you so much for the LoveWorks sessions. Darleen, 43 years.
  • The couples session was empowering, as Diane spoke to us I felt such a sense of deepening my own understanding of the value of a passionate sexy relationship. We have two children, busy lives, and I had felt we were drifting apart. Now we're back on track! With love for each other renewed things seem easier. Thank you. Jacqui, 38 years.  

  • I was so impressed by Diane’s insights into the dynamics of man/woman relationships. I saw the value of taking the time to do the basics, appreciating the ‘differences’ instead of my usual resistance and reaction to my partners ‘feminine' communication skills. I’ll be able to relax and enjoy my beloved a lot more deeply than ever before. Thanks for the LoveWorks Couples sessions. Darywn, 41 years.  
  • The information and practical skills on communication Laura guided my partner and me through had a big impression on me, the couples sessions was an enlightening and worthwhile experience for all loving couples. I am much more at ease with listening without judging and am more confident that I also will be heard without me thinking I might hurt her feelings.  Our love has been amplified multifold. Thank you Damien 37, years.
  • I had the realisation and practice of positively affirming one another and checking in with each other regularly, breathing together and using the practice of daily devotion to stay connected. Diane gave the sessions with sincerity, a sense of humour, whilst maintaining the upmost professionalism. What a gift! Kate, 36 years
  • I also really loved the communication skills, practicing to be more present and this enabled me to be able to ask for what I want and express my love in a clearer way increasing our sense of connection and intimacy for us both. From the sessions I understood how to give more priority to ‘our relationship’ and to let go of more of my projections about what relationship should be to enjoy what is! Liam 30 years
  • I loved the ‘authentic communication skills’ we were given a structure in which it was very safe in asking for more of what I love and in which I felt totally validated and heard. Asking more questions opened up deeper communication, intimacy and trust with my partner, I also realised more deeply the emotional tension that is held in the body. My partner and I will take away some really practical and useful skills to put into practice – communication and daily devotion being the two that come to mind, thank you! Coral, 33 years
  • Orgasms for me have in the past been quite elusive and although my husband is patient and still wants to give me pleasure I had difficulty. Not any more thanks to you guys. I am telling you because you will understand our joy and pleasure and I need to tell someone!! Since the couples lessons we feel like teenagers again, unlimited energy, we feel like we invented sex! Janelle, 59 years.
  • I took the plunge to find out about tantric sex . The whole experience was fabulous! A lot of women are very inhibited, yet we all talk about sex and have it around us in the media so I thought why wait, Laura was very easy to talk to about these techniques that definitely have spiced up my sex life. I’m very keen to explore more and bring my partner along next time. I highly recommend it! Why not! Alana –49 years Married 15 years  
  • I wanted to learn some tantric techniques to bring some extra spark into my marriage of 20 years. We’ love each other and have a healthy and interesting sex life. I had a private women's session with the  ‘Laura' she was  great. As you said she could coach me in some of the tantric massage techniques that later I surprised my husband- he was so responsive to it all and now he can’t wait until I give him another session.  Valli, 36 years.
  • Thank you very much! After purchasing 'Sexual Secrets for Men' book and 'The Secrets of Sacred Sex' DVD my understanding of my life partner has changed dramatically. I feel alive again and so does our relationship . My wife is reading it now too!The daily devotion is a wonderful way to recharge and say I love you ! Stewart 43 years
  • I bought the book "Sexual Secrets For Men" and DVD  for my son.  He  loved it.  His girlfriend recently broke up with him, and after reading the book, he realized how bad of a boyfriend he was, and how bad he was in bed, so he says. As a result of his insights he has made a ton of positive changes in his life, that I have been waiting for for a long time, since I see his potential,  he's now in school, and is going to college in the fall, he's in shape, and has been studying Kung Fu and its all thanks to your book on 'Sexual Secrets for men' which is so much more!!!!!  Mandy 45 years  

  • I had a one on one session with Lotus last Thursday, and, I must say, she really is a Goddess. I was absolutely amazed with what was shown to me, and, how to control my staying problem. After reading your book 'Sexual secrets for Men' I realize that there is a lot more to lovemaking than just having staying power. All my life I have felt inadequate in this area, and now, I have made a conscious effort to tell her I love her, with hugs and kisses etc.She commented on this the other night. She actually went to work with a smile on her face. Thanks so much for your sessions. Peter 52 years
  • After splitting up my relationship of 15 years I read your book 'Tantric Secrets for Men'and was awakened to the reality in my heart that my ego had covered like a blanket for 35 years. That love is truly all there is, and that the greatest purpose for all of us is to uncover our true selves and the love that there is within us and all around us. It's fair to say that your book helped change my life and truly open my heart. I reunited with my partner in a new way.I will carry that love with me for the rest of my life. Hess 45 years
  • Firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you, I have just finished reading your book 'Sexual Secrets for Men', I actually bought it for my husband of 10 yrs thinking we could learn together, but alas he is not keen to read it, no worries though, I have read it and feel more in love with my own body, mind and spirit than ever before. I am 28yrs old and can't help but feeling a deep sense of satisfaction that I have discovered some profound secret to life and love when I still have so much time to practice. Thank you from teh bottom of my heart. Alicia 28 years
  • Your book is My Holy bible. Its a book with endless spiritual energy, at times it stops me in time and space. I initially thought "Can this be real????" Well with my understanding and some of its practices I now see that it is real and true to anyone. World and entire humany life would be better if everyone become a tantric person. Civilization will be filled with love and spiritual energy and history book will be a fragrance of true humanity.Thank you Kerry for writing such a wonderful and down to earth book. Jack 31 years
  • Tantra is creating so much fun and love and affection, it is simply unbelievable. Like many treasured things, we wonder why did we wait so long! Thank you. Robert and Jackie Married 34 years
    Robert and Jackie
  • Jack and I had a lovely day yesterday with Diane. We thought that Diane taught and demonstrated the techniques of Tantra in a down-to-earth, have-a-go, anyone-can-do-it way!We felt it was a lovely space to connect with each other as a couple and will be practicing the techniques that we learnt. So, thankyou for doing what you do. It is so valuable to us. Cheers Mary 34years
    Mary and Jack
  • I had know about Tantric practise for some while but had never tried them. If only i had know how beneficial to my mind body and soul they were i'd have learnt it years ago. I'm a single man and have been out of the game for a while, as after my divorce i was getting fed up with meaningless sex, but in the last year or so my libedo was starting wane a little, so i decsided to see a Tantric goddess, so this is when i met Sapphire , Tantric goddess , Perth. I am so glad that i did have the courage and chance to meet with her, as i found her to be very open and freindly from the word go. As we have progressed threw the Tantric sessions i have found that not only is my body starting to come back to life but also my feelings of selfworth and confidence are returning in abundance, and i put this down to Sapphires great teaching skills because if i have any questions at all she is more than willing to answer them and guide me threw them. Yes we've all had sex before but if we could all learn and practice these tantric skills the world would be so much better for it. If can practice this with a new partner in the future it'll open so many more doors to a happy and a more fulfilling life. thank you Sapphire i am honoured by your teachings. Also thank you Kerry Riley for writing,Sexual Secrets for Men, as this book its very informative and inspirational.
    Martin, Aged 48
  • From the moment I turned up, nervous, concerned and embarassed to my first appointment, Lotus made me feel relaxed, at ease and that I had made the right decision to come to do something I knew deep down that I wanted to do – to learn about Tantra. Her ability to speak to me openly and directly yet with sensitivity meant I opened up to her in a way I have never done before or since to anybody. I replaced my nervousness with a sense of safety in her presence, instead of doubt she allowed me to feel that the spirituality of Tantra was something I could embrace positively, not shyly, and make my own experience as well as a shared one potentially. I felt physically at ease because Lotus is someone I very quickly knew I was able to trust entirely, something I have never previously experienced. Our sessions were informative, intelligent, full of care and respect, where intimacy could be discussed openly, intelligently, sincerely and without embarrassment. Lotus leads and allows you to follow without any fear of judgement. The outside world is isolated away from the session leaving only in sanctity and sanctuary. I felt an immense sense of privilege to be under the guidance of such a person, someone who is genuinely a good person and in whom I believe; and a person who I respect entirely. Leaving to go back to the more cynical world where the rest of my time is often spent simply showed me how special it is to meet someone like Lotus, and to be able to learn from her. She generates an interest to know more about Tantra which has remained. She – and the knowledge she imparts and the experience she provides leaves you feeling cleansed and wholesome, full of joy and energy and excitement at what is possible and good and right. I genuinely feel honoured to have met her and shared such wonderful experiences. Kind regards, Alistair
  • Walking into the Tantra Goddess training I was aware that I had many emotions running through me at once, most of which was fear. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect within the training as I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone and yet I found myself drawn to it. There was a deep and sacred longing to awaken the Tantric Goddess within that had been sleeping for far too long. Shrouded by our culture’s expectations and judgments I had let my inner priestess fall into an uneasy and restless sleep. During the training with Kerry and through the support of the beautiful Goddesses that held the space so lovingly, I was able to face my fears and push through my hesitations and resistance and come through feeling empowered, alive and reconnected to myself as a woman and as a priestess. The work, I know, will continue to unfold within me as I continue to use the techniques and knowledge. I am left with the great honour of knowing that by undertaking this training I have played a part in reinstating the Goddess back into all of our lives, into the collective consciousness. I am filled with a deep respect for my future clients that I may help and assist to unfold their own sense of Divinity through their sexual energy. This training has also given me the opportunity to heal my sexual wounding and left me with a profound sense of love and respect for men and the masculine. I now experience my sexuality and its expression on a completely different level to when I entered the Training and that in itself was worth it! I wholeheartedly recommend the Tantra Goddess training to any woman who is ready to step into her sacred feminine expression, showering love and joy over the planet.’ Heidi 49 years
    Heidi- TGT
  • I now experience my sexuality and its expression on a completely different level to when I entered the Training and that in itself was worth it! I wholeheartedly recommend the Tantra Goddess training to any woman who is ready to step into her sacred feminine expression, showering love and joy over the planet.’ Heidi 47 years
    Heidi - Goddess Training
  • I think the way Kerry can relate to men makes it so easy for them to understand women's needs of heartfelt loving in a way that an Aussie man can relate to and to be able to make love their woman in a way that truly satisfies her not only sexually but on a connected heart level also. I highly  recommend Kerry Riley's book Sexual Secrets for Men, what every woman would want her man to know'. Jessie 37 yrs