Layla – Tantra Couples Practitioner (Sydney and Byron Bay)

Layla Tantra Couples SessionsTeaching Tantra for couples for over 5 years with the Australian School of Tantra and is also qualified Tantra Yoga teacher. Layla’s passion is for supporting a couples journey towards wholeness on every level body, mind, heart and soul.

Layla has studied Tantra, sacred sexuality, love and relationships with Kerry & Diane Riley (ASOT) and other teachers from around the world including Tantra yoga teacher Colin Kym, Vedic meditation teacher Gary Gorow, completed various programs at the Osho multiversity in India on intimacy.

Layla has dedicated her life to her inner spiritual journey, and to the discovery of enhancing the sexual relationship between lovers. As well as coaching for stronger emotional intimacy Layla can coach you in the arts of tantra massage.

Layla hold’s Tantra sexuality and relationship couples sessions in both Byron Bay and Sydney.