Tantric Coach, South Coast NSW, Roberston, Nowra, Wollongong, Bowral.

Kate Sullivan - Tantra South Coast Satyo Cate Sullivan

Satyo says, “I have a deep respect of the soulful journey a man and a woman can go on together in their relationship, how it can be a pathway to grow both on a psychological level and on a spiritual level.  This has certainly been, and continues to be, my experience.  Sacred sexuality is such a gift to bring to relationship, enhancing intimacy, deepening lovemaking, opening whole new dimensions of how a couple can be together in their lives.  How wonderful it would be if more couples learnt about it and were able to embrace it into their lives and make it theirs! Satyo sees couples and women for tantric coaching in Robertson. People travel for the sessions  from Nowra, Bowral, Wollonong and the South Coast of NSW. Enquire here

 Bringing these LoveWorks Tantra Coaching,

sessions to a couple, seeing them come more alive and open, being moved by the possibilities they are discovering with each other – I find it such a privilege to accompany a couple in this way!  The sessions are very safe and respectful, paced to suit the people I am working with; they are nourishing and rewarding experiences for the couple’s relationship, in themselves, apart from what is absorbed to take away and practice in daily life.”

Satyo has been a part of the Australian School of Tantra for 20 years and deeply values all she has learnt from Diane and Kerry Riley.  As well as being a Couples Tantric Educator, Satyo works as a counsellor, psychotherapist and creative arts therapist.  She often incorporates aspects of her work with Diane and Kerry into her work as a therapist.  Satyo also runs small workshops/retreats utilising expressive movement, gentle body work and arts based therapies.  She and her husband, to whom she has been partnered for 35 years, have richly embraced Diane and Kerry’s work into the loving journey of their relationship.


Gary and Pam, a couple in their fifties say, “We were getting into a bit of a rut with our sexuality and in the ways we related together, kind of a little bit took each other for granted.  After just one session things started to shift.  We came away seeing each other in a completely new light!  Their was instantly more romance in the air…and that was just the beginning!   We were a little bit wondering what it was going to be like, coming for that first session…However Satyo quickly helped us feel  at ease and comfortable and then we were just keen to learn what we could.”

Satyo – Satyo Cate Sullivan (BCA., MA (Cat). PACFA reg.) works as a creative arts therapist in the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands. As well as working with groups, Satyo practices as a counsellor and psychotherapist in Robertson and in Nowra. She is also a consultant for the Australian School of Tantra (for couples and groups of women) and teaches at Shellharbour TAFE. Satyo is passionate about the healing power of the arts, dynamics of relationships as well as Sacred sexuality.