Tantra Training

Modules in Tantra Training

LoveWorks Programme “LoveWorks’ Tantra Modules


LoveWorks Tantra Teacher Training Programme

At least 36  hours is face to face Immersions in the training program, prior learning and study 23 hours (mandatory reading and study of book, ‘Sexual  Secrets for Men’. By Kerry Riley and “Sexy and Sacred, Sexual secrets for Women’ by Diane Riley)  and practice of selected skills prior to the training for 2 Weeks  30 mins a day.

Face to face : Consisting of lectures, discussions, question times, group  guided practice, and  skills of working with clients of these practices,   supported by a power point presentation; a 90 page supporting workbook; small group discussion activities and case studies. The workbook gives examples of questionnaires, feedback forms,  and skills and practice and take-home worksheets  and handouts for your use with your students 

Day 1 to day 4.

“LoveWorks’ Tantra Modules

Section A.  Introduction and Yourself as Educator

  1. Why people want to learn about Tantra and Sacred Sexuality:
  2. What do you understand by Tantra?
  3. Traditional Tantra and contemporary Tantra
  4. Understanding Tantra Terms
  5. Various Contemporary Tantric approaches
  6. Yourself as Educator
  • Roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Functions
  • activities
  1. Talking about sex – context of clients various beliefs and attitudes
  • Cultural
  • Family
  • Personal
  1. Client management – LW client questionnaire- 

before any session as basis for further inquiry and tailoring sessions to your clients.

(includes physical, mental, emotional health issues),  in relation to professional duty of care.

  1. Ethics
  • Discussion
  • Case studies
  • Questionnaire

Section B.  About the body, and Body-Mind connection

Fundamentals of  physical aspects of LW for your teaching practice

  1. Orgasmic Response
  2. The LoveWorks model for sexual pleasure
  3. Senses
  4. Micro cosmic orbit
  5. Making time…relaxation
  6. The place of Ritual and sacred space.
  7. Optimal health
  8. Conscious awareness of self, beliefs, values, reactions.
  9. Body movement – keeping the energy moving
  10. Body awareness
  11. Integrated nerves, muscles, ligaments structures
  12. Nerve supply of the female genital system
  13. Main Pelvic neural pathway
  14. More on Hormones
  15. Genital Heart Mind Connections
  16. White Tantra practice
  • Discussion
  • Case studies
  • Questionnaire

Section C. Understanding the male physiology and sexual response

  1. Men’s Concerns and issues
  2. The major areas our male clients want to be helped with are:
  3. Premature ejaculation  (ejaculation mastery)
  4. Virility
  5. Multi orgasmic
  6. Making love rather than sex
  7. Men’s concerns and issues

Section D. Understanding  and teaching Communication skills

  1. Advanced communication skills
  1. Language of intimacy
  • Tantric Meditations Couple’s practice
  • Tantric couple’s meditations
  • Tantric couples’ meditations
  • Tantric couples’ meditations


Case studies

Guided Practices

Small group practice

Structured communication and expanding pleasure

These are integral to teaching clients

Section E. Touch and Pleasure

When introducing practices to clients

‘Talking about consent and asking for want you want’.

Teaching in a non touch way, to your students, pleasuring skills to singles or couples

Demonstration of how to guide students in these practices

  1. Modalities of touch
  2. Loveworks Yoni Massage
  3. Loveworks healing YONI Massage
  4. Genital Pleasure massage
  5. LoveWorks: Women’s sacred massage
  6. Lignum massage
  7. 3 Keys to extend pleasure
  • Breath
  • Sound
  • Movement
  1. Keys helping to expand pleasure
  • Muscle release
  • Thought release
  • Breath release
  1. Female pleasure Reference to Clinical studies
  • Discussion
  • Case studies

Questions And Answers

Section F. More Advanced Practice

The theory of, and practices to teach students

  1. Harmonising libido
  2. Daily Devotion
  3. Slow Sex


End of face to face hours.

After training, 2 x 1 hr  Zoom group calls, when questions are emailed to australianschooloftantra@gmail.com at least 2 days prior of scheduled call. If students can not participate Videos will be available for 3 months. 2 Hours



Special deep interest and further research into an area . 30 hours

SEE HERE Extra study  be eligible to apply as a Therapist with IICT.