How Tantra Can Improve Your Relationship?

Diane was interviewed and asked some questions on how tantra can improve your relationship.

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What are some causes of poor libido?
Stress, sickness, small children, pregnancy, menopause, tiredness, emotional upset, all sorts of reasons why libido gets out of sync.

How can a partner’s poor libido affect a relationship?
Yes and difference in libido can be challenging for the other partner. Particularly if it is an extended time. Partners can feel pressured for sex and the other can feel neglected or abandoned. Lovers do need other ways of connecting with their partner and to harmonize libido.

How can people remedy a poor libido?
I teach a wonderful practice called ‘daily devotion’, based on an ancient Taoist exercise, where the couples take up to 5 minutes each day to connect in a gentle and loving way. First thing in the morning or last thing at night. they harmonize their breathing, to take then into presence and into the moment where, nothing else exists (- no demands of the day) and remain in an loving gentle embrace for up to 5 minutes, there is no expectation, no talking just being together for 5 mins. This time is for the lovers to take time out for busy life and relax in each other’s arms, harmonizing hearts and having bodies close. Such a practice enriched relationship, deepens trust and intimacy and libido!

To describe it to someone who does not know what it is what is tantric sex?
One of the meanings of Tantra is ‘Expand’ or ‘weave together’. Tantric sex includes expanding the ways you make love; it includes practices for heighten sexual experience , but is also about exploring intimacy creating deeper more intimate connection with you partner and importantly being able to be present, in the moment, not focusing on performance. It is about pleasure, about connection and enriching love.

How can learning tantric sex help a couple experiencing relationship problems?
Tantric lovemaking practices enhances sexual experiences for both partners, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can be incorporated into anyone’s love life, for the young and and newly in love as well as for partners who need to revitalize their connection and deepen emotional and physical intimacy.

What advice would you give a couple that continually fights?
couples who fight continually perhaps need time out to re access what is important in their life – Ask themselves the question ‘is it more important being right every time there is a fight, Perhaps they could ask themselves to take a step back and really see what is happening here? Many couples are unaware of their habitual bonded patterns of interaction that are laid down over the course of relationship and unfortunately are locked in continual conflict and blame their partner for every perceived difficulty. In sacred sexuality another way is to choose love and to choose to healthy non blame ways to communicate with each other.

What are some tips for achieving good communication?
To improve communication starts by finding things that you appreciate about your own life, your partner and your situation. It can be a shift in perspective and awareness to notice and look for, your partner doing something right and to tell them how much you appreciate them. Couples can improve their relationship by affirming their partners instead of taking them for granted. Often at the beginning of relationships we feel great about our partners and naturally say things like this, but as relationship mature we often start inwardly demanding more and more from them, and some of these demands more about what we want to make ourselves happy, not necessarily what our partners need or want to do, rather than a reasonable request that is for the enhancement of loving relationship.

What is the best way to introduce you by job title/training in the article?
Diane riley director of the Australian School of Tantra and author of the new release ‘Sexy and Sacred, sexual secrets for women’ book and web site is for women of all ages and their lovers who and curious about what tantra, tantric sex, tantra perspectives and the many great traditions of sacred sexuality can offer to add to the quality of their lives and well being.