Tantric Sex

If you find yourself saying, ‘I’d like that’ or ‘Yes, and I want more’, then tantric sex is for you.You can explore the secrets to opening your sexuality to new dimensions, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In certain ancient cultures, when men and woman were in such a blissful state, their sexuality was imbued with spirituality. It was considered a sacred experience. In these times, ancient wisdom, including sexual knowledge, was passed down from one wise person to another. Until recently, this rich inheritance of knowledge and sexual practices had been lost and suppressed and the sacred aspect of sex denied.

However change is unfolding. We as civilised person continue to challenge and change our roles in family, career, religion and politics and more recently in our sexuality….

We have seen a swing in mainstream cultural attitudes towards sex. Our parents or grandparents grew up in a culture where the overriding attitudes towards sex were based on repression and inhibition. On the other side of the spectrum contemporary culture can be overtly provocative and exhibitionistic when it comes to sex and sexuality.

Tantric Sex For Women

What it is to be a sexy woman has been affected by a growing commercialisation of female sexuality and sometimes influenced by the male stereotype of sexual behaviour.

What is missing and what I feel is the next step in developing our sexuality is exploring the sacredness of female sexuality. Many of us yearn for sex as something beautiful, transformative and deeply connecting. We are seeking a more spiritual yet intensely passionate way of expressing our sexual love.

Tantric Sex And The Future Are Connected

Increasingly we understand the importance of honouring the sacred balance on our planet and in our relationships with the living world around us, in order to live sustainably and in harmony with the environment. I feel it is natural to extend this concept to a most fundamental aspect of our lives – sexuality.