Tantra Single Lovers Sessions Brisbane

Tantra Single Lovers  Sessions Brisbane

  • Are you curious about Tantra and conscious sexuality?
  • Do you crave to connect with like minded people and to learn about Tantra in Brisbane?
  • Would you like to experience genuine heart to heart connection with someone who guarantees a safe, respectful, honourable space for you to begin or deepen your understanding?
  • Are you single and feel that that may be stopping you from expanding your awareness in the conscious realm? 

Tantra single Lovers  sessions are now offered as ‘Couples session’ Brisbane :

Couples sessions are now being offered in Brisbane to single people. You can enjoy the sacred connection created in a typical couples session, and we supply the partner! You are not required to be in a relationship to benefit and experience pleasure from these heart opening, kundalini stirring sacred practices. 

Step into a space created just for you and meet your Shiva, Suresh or Shakti, Stephanie. You will be guided by Emma, an experienced Australian School of Tantra  LoveWorks Facilitator, to a safe, honourable space where your heart can open to give and receive more love! 

Tantra Single Lovers Sessions are tailored around you and may include;

  • Learn how to connect fully, with a lover
  • Learn how to create and maintain boundaries and consent 
  • Learn how to honour others boundaries and respect if consent is not given
  • Allow your heart to express
  • Learn to hold space for others to express their heart feelings
  • Give and receiving pleasure for pleasures sake
  • Give a sensual massage 
  • Unlock creative potential in your life
  • Allow new opportunities to flow into your realm
  • Feel alive and sexy and sacred!

Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and are located in suburbs Fortitude Valley and Jamboree Heights, Brisbane. Bookings are essential and we encourage you to find the ideal length of time for you to allow integration following the sessions. Take a walk around Mt Cootha, connect with nature or simply return home to rest deeply.

All practices are played with within your boundaries, clothing remains on and there is no direct hand on genital contact.

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Emma will be your guide