Perth Tantra Love Coach, for couples and women.

Perth Tantra Love Coach –Sylvia

Tantra studies have deepened my understanding of love and sexual relationships. I  have studied Naturopathy, Reiki, other healing modalities and currently study holistic counselling, and then studies with the Australian School of Tantra.

I have explored Tantra extensively and been working with singles and couples in the last few years. It has changed my own life and has touched many other peoples life from a body, mind and soul perspective. It allows you to go deep within and truly connect to your partner from the heart, which is always a touching experience. I am excited to pass on that knowledge and can assure you it will be a life changing experience.

Tantra Tips for couples from Sylvia in Perth:

Deepen your awareness to your body’s pleasure and increase your intimacy with your partner.

Avoiding sexual scripts or patterns that have become routine. – keep curious about your partner’s body, with sincere affection.

Ask yourself What is pleasurable? Touch in itself is sensual- remember it doesn’t have to be genital to be sexual.

Ask yourself ‘Where does pleasure exist?’ is it in my finger tips or just on my partner’s skin?’

Give you attention to pleasure the pleasure you feel while touching your partner, her curves, her skin, his skin, his muscles.  Anticipation- slowness.

Enlivening the body with touch.

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