Meditation Retreat Bali 13-18 May  2017

Soelae Riley from Wellness Events is the retreat co-ordinator and yoga teacher  and is organising a May Meditation Retreat Bali You can call Soelae on 0410857581 for information.

She is extremely excited and honored to be co hosting this incredible wellness and meditation retreat in Bali 13-18 May  2017 with meditation guru, author, ted-x presenter, founder of the ‘Shine’ in LA and all round great guy @lightwatkins

Soelae has only have 3 spots left!!! So if you have been considering it, now is the time.
Her passion is creating the ultimate retreat experiences. In idyllic tropical locations, with exquisite accommodations, partnering with the best hosts in the world. This is her 10th international Meditation Retreat retreat so far and she is beaming with excitement as it’s going to be epic!


Meditation Retreat Bali

This retreat is a meditation, yoga and wellness retreat, to rejuvenate, rebalance and upgrade your mind, body and deeply connect with, and nourish your spirit.

On this retreat you will experience a rejuvenation and rebalance that will upgrade your mind & body. You will be amazed at how, with Light and Soelae’s guidance, you will go deep into meditative stillness. You will also be in awe of how you can heal and recharge your body by using the powerful ancient practice of Vedic ’rounding’ (a four limbed sequence of some gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and resting pose).
Each day will be filled with yoga, Vedic rounding, knowledge talks and workshops and down time to unwind and enjoy the oceans beauty at your doorstep.

 About Light Watkins..

‘I have been operating in the meditation space for over 15 years, first as a practitioner, then as an apprentice to my teacher, and finally as a teacher myself. I’m based in Santa Monica, CA, but I travel the world teaching everyone from bankers, artists, and politicians, to CEOs, caretakers, and comedians how to meditate in a self-sufficient way. It’s my passion to introduce others to a practice that I’ve personally benefitted from in every area of life.

To date, I’ve taught meditation to roughly 2,000 people. I’m the author of The Inner Gym book series; the first volume of which has been released, and the rest are coming. I’m also a regular contributor to, and I’ve given a TEDx talk titled Debunking The 5 Most Common Meditation Myths. In 2014, I founded The Shine Movement in Los Angeles. Below are the various ways in which I hope to be of service to you. ‘