Living Room Tantric Coach

Australian School of Tantra Couples coaching 

Australian School of Tantra Couples Coaching


‘The Living Room’ Tantric Sex Coach:

‘Living Room’  interviews Sydney Tantric Coach

As seen on the ‘Living Room’ channel Ten (10) , Rachel is a Tantric Sexuality Coach from the Australian School of Tantra says: 

‘Our vision is to facilitate access to the theories and practices of contemporary Tantra, including, relationship connection and sacred sexuality to enhance harmony, fulfilment and transformation for individual and couples.”

The Australian School of Tantra has professional accredited educators offering LoveWorks Couples Coaching Sessions around Australia, available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Byron Bay, New Castle, Nowra and Bega.

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Contemporary Tantra Sexuality Coach and the LoveWorks Lessons

Sydney Tantra Couples Coaching  

Sydney Tantra Couples Coaching

These sessions draw on contemporary sex research, the traditions of sacred sexuality, effective relationship theory, various personal development and body wellness practices and are about exploring ways to bring more love and intimacy into how you connect with your partner. They are about feeling more connected to yourself in ‘body, heart and soul’ and more connected with each other in ‘body, heart and soul’.

You are guided into how to bring more soulfulness, joy, love and a rich sense of pleasure into your intimacy together in a way that suits you both.

Whether you are so busy with life and kids and work that you suddenly see that you must do something for the two of you as a couple, apart from family, these sessions can open you to a new way of being together.

These lessons are also beneficial in a new relationship and want to start on the right foot, or have been together for many years and want to enrich or renew the connection between you. They are paced in a way to suit you both and are a gift in themselves, a lovely thing to do together, apart from what you will learn and will be able to bring into your life.

They are usually about one and a half hours long.  They are very respectful and honouring, inviting a sense of the sacred into your relationship.


Common motivations why coaches seen a Tantric Coach

  •  Just curious to see what Tantra has to offer.
  • Knows there must be more to love and relationship.
  • Too busy, too tired, kids etc and want new spark.To bring passion back!
  • Want to learn some massage skills.
  • She has lost her desire or he has lost his so there is a difference in desire.
  • S/he wants more intimacy in relationship.
  • Want to bring more soulfulness into or love life.
  • One or both have broken up before from a long term relationship/ marriage. Now s/he has a new relationship and wants to learn other ways in improve the arts of love.
  • New in relationships/sexuality- want to gain more confidence.
  • Health or lifestyle issues affecting couples intimacy and relationship.

The Living Room Tantra Coach

Sydney Tantric Couples Coach RachelRachel has been facilitating LoveWorks Tantra couples sessions in Sydney for five years after studying with the Australian School of Tantra. Rachel skilfully guides couples through a series of four LoveWorks tantric lessons for couples. During the couples lessons Rachel can also teach massage for couples. She also teaches the Loveworks program to singles. To read more about Rachel click here.

Tantric Tips to enhance relationships,

  • Scheduling  ‘love and intimacy time’
  • Preparing a special space
  • Setting an intention, letting go of ‘distractions’ and  ‘any negativity’
  • Relaxing , using their  breath to  focus on ‘wellbeing’, ‘connection’ and ‘love’
  • One partner to just ‘receive’, enabling that partner to relax, and deeply enjoy their own pleasure and not think about when and what they have to do in return.
  • One to pamper or just to ‘give’ massage ( arrange another time to reciprocate )
  • Connecting sensuality with emotional intimacy
  • Modalities of touch, e.g. soft, firm, slow, fast, long or short strokes, location of touch and more.
  • Sensual communication. Learn to ask what your partner would like, (instead of assuming you already know everything that they may like or not) be curious.
  • Learn to ask for what you want, with non blame language, e.g., would you go a little softer/firmer please…and then a thank you, would you like this slower? Or would you like it faster?

Frequently Asked Questions About Tantraic coaching Sessions

Q.    I am worried that attending a couples Tantric coaching session will be confronting, is this true?

The sessions are conducted in a casual professional setting; our practitioners are sensitive to the needs of both partners. The sessions are non-confrontational, clothed and tailored to your individual needs as a couple. The sessions are conducted fully clothed. The LoveWorks will give you some theory and then guide you through some of the key practices, some of which you will practise at home.

Q, Do we have to be in a long term relationship to benefit from these Tantra Coaching sessions?

Australian School of Tantra Coaches see young couples who have only been together for a couple of months as well as couples who have been married for many years and are much older. LoveWorks Tantra benefits couples of any age group, and stage of relationship.

Q, My partner and I have not practised Tantra, Yoga or meditation before, will these sessions still be of use to us?

Yes, the principles of Tantra are universal.

Simple Tantric keys to nurture relationship

It’s about creating and sustaining harmony and passion, whether you are new in relationship or juggling family life, relationship and career.

  • Make a date for ‘loving time’, once a week.
    -That can be simple as massaging each other’s feet,
  • Just hanging out together with no interruptions.
  • Remain curious and open
  • Practice asking for what you want in single achievable steps.
  • Regularly let your partner know that you appreciate them, (don’t just assume they already know). -Positive feedback nurtures relationship!

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