In additional to the 4 day training plus reading prescribed book and 20 minutes daily exercises two weeks prior to commencement of training if you wish to be eligible for  IICT Therapist / Teacher Accreditation you are required to have additional study: 20  hours

Written or video

Written Essay: And assignment at least 1000 words to be submitted from the questions below or one of special interest to you, to be confirmed with ASOT. Please discuss and include but not limited to reference to physiology and neurobiology .

  • What are the LoveWork skills and tools that can bring more ‘presence into lovemaking as well as into relationship connections’, and why do these have such good results?
    Reference to support with further reading and research resources.
  • What is the relevance of traditional Tantra and Taoism to LoveworksTantra and modern day Tantra?
  • support with references

Video : of 2 session that you may give to a single or a couple of two practices or skills that you may include in your sessions. including personalized case study notes. You will need to organize your practice student/s, with permissions to video.
(This material will be private and confidential) only to be used for this modules only.