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Tantra Practitioner BrisbaneI am Michelle and I been working with clients for some 25 years running workshops and coaching individuals on their spiritual path both in Australia and in England.

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I am a qualified Reiki Master & Teacher of Usui, Karuna, Seichem and Reiki Roots (the traditional Japanese Reiki System). I have completed diplomas in Aromatherapy and Colour Therapyand I have continually studied, offering many various therapies & healings including massage, angel and tarot readings Feng Shui, as well as spiritual / intuitive guidance.

LoveWorks Program and Tantra

I completed the LoveWorks training with The Australian School of Tantra in Byron Bay in 2014 and have loved being able to incorporate many of the techniques I discovered through this amazing course on to my clients.

Tantra for Couples in Brisbane


My vision has always been to heal the world through the power of love and Tantra is a beautiful and gentle way for me to honour my inner Goddess and beliefs to help bring about change and growth not only for myself but also to others.


Emily and Scott, 44 yrs and 48 yrs

My partner and I have been together for 9 years and have his teen age sons living with us every second week. I have been interested in learning about tantra and curious how it could benefit us, we have a loving relationship and our love life is pretty good but I thought it could do with some extra energy!

Michelle, helped us feel very comfortable after our initial hesitancy. She has a lovely session room and was so professional yet in a relaxed way. Scott and I were very impressed and loved the guided session which was tailored to suit our needs. I loved the’ heart to heart’ connection plus the profound but simple communication exercises to  ’ask for what you want’. We learnt the basics of tantric massage to practice at home. I’m ready to book for the second session. Thanks Michelle!

From  Emily.

Cash and Leah 29 yrs and 28 yrs

I’ve studied yoga and meditation and was interested in learning new skills and how to incorporate ‘presence’ and ‘mindfulness’ into my love life with my new partner.

Michelle talked about the value of tantra in all stages of a relationship and introduced us to a meditative way to connect.  To me it felt like a wonderful integration of the soulful with my romantic and love life. Leah,  although quite new to things like meditation, really felt a deep and stronger connection and feeling with me.  I was amazed that just after one session how much closer we were.

We’ll be back in a few months for the next session.

From Cash

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Included in your booking is Sexy & Sacred by Diane Riley one of three tantra products by The Australian School of Tantra.