About Diane & LWT Trainers

About Diane

“My vision is to facilitate access to the theories and practices of contemporary tantra, including, relationship connection and sacred sexuality to enhance harmony, fulfilment and transformation for individuals and couples.
I teach a positive view of sexuality helping to expand love within relationships and promote creativity and pleasure in all areas of life including sexuality.’

Diane Riley is the founder of the Australian School of Tantra established in 1997, author and co- creator of DVD Sexual Secrets. Diane and her beloved husband Kerry were pioneers in Australia and internationally teachers integrating Tantra and sacred sexuality into a contemporary context, Diane continues to update and be current with skills and techniques assisting modern couples and singles find deeper connection and sexual pleasure in their lives and relationships.

Together with Kerry, Diane taught thousands of couples, men and women, in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Japan, Canada and Europe. Many of her students, including her Guest Presenters for this 2024 Loveworks Training – see them below-  have integrated her practical knowledge and deep insights into their own work as Tantra coaches and teachers in their own fields. Diane has been interviewed by Sydney Morning Herald, sydney Telegraph, Marie Claire, Vogue, Cleo, Cosmo magazines and many many others and is highly regarded as a world authority on sexuality and relationships

She now enjoys offering Tantra Teacher Trainings for professionals, Tantra Couples and Single Coaching Sessions in Byron Bay where she has lived since 2009. Diane’s life time of experience, specializing in working with individual, couples and groups of all different walks of life, personal journeys and life span  places her in a unique position to impart knowledge and deep understanding of working in this area.

As an Elder with lifetime of on going research and lived practice Diane is dedicated to share her wisdoms and LoveWorks practices for more love, joy and pleasure for all to bring enlivened passion, deeper love, authenticity and aware kindness in their lives and radiating out to the wider community. 

Our facilitators

Tantra teacher Training Byron Bay William Federico

guest presenter

William Federicio

 William is also a guest presenter at the Loveworks Tantra Teacher Training Program with 27 years as a Practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Naturopathy, Positive Neuroplasticity, Meditation, Traditional Tantra Yoga and Neo Tantra. 


guest presenter

Thais Ingrid

Thais Ingrid is a clinical naturopath, medical herbalist, tantra practitioner, and sex therapist with a passion for blending traditional and modern approaches to holistic health and well-being. With extensive travels to study traditional ancient tantra, neotantra, tantra yoga. Thais has accumulated a wealth of ancestral knowledge. Complementing her experiences, she holds a degree in clinical sexology and sex education. 


Soelae Riley

Soelae is a co-facilitator for LoveWorks Tantra Teacher Training, specialising in mindfulness and tantric practices, and concurrently serving as the training event coordinator. As a Meditation Expert, Yoga Teacher, and Tantra Coach, Soelae brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the training, enriching the learning experience for all participants.

Guest Presenter

Stephanie Avis

Stephanie is the founder of Devotional Bodywork® Stephanie spent a decade working as a Psychologist in both public health and private practice. Her training as a Psychosomatic Therapist helped her discovered her gift in working hands-on with the body. Steph found her passion in supporting healing the body and integrating sexuality into the human system as a whole.