Womens Weekend Workshop

Women’s Menopause Weekend Workshop

~ Living the Dance: using Arts Therapies to Enhance our Lives ~

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Moving Menopause:  Enhancing the Journey  

~ An open and heartful enquiry into the passage of menopause ~

 Utilising  a range of modalities such as naturally expressive movement and dance, pastels, clay,  writing, body-sense and mindfulness skills.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October 2015

with Satyo Cate Sullivan at Leela Cottage, Robertson, Southern Highlands

Menopause is often a taboo topic or something to be dreaded and endured.  There is much more to it than that.  This workshop is about embracing menopause as a richly meaningful part of our lives, going beyond the myths and exploring its possibilities as a time of transformation.  Amidst the sometimes tumultuous changes new potentials can be born.  This weekend is for all women – younger women, those approaching, in the midst of, and those moving, or who have moved, beyond menopause. 

 More fully embracing and celebrating this life’s passage:

Enquire into themes such as:   Meaning and significance of this phase of life for you ~~  Completions and Openings  ~~  Self-care  ~~  The nitty gritty and the good bits  ~~  A time in life for YOU  ~~  Opportunities to release, renew, bring forth  ~~  Sexuality  ~~  Fresh beginnings   ~~  What is important now?  ~~

Experience:   A reshaping of the concept of menopause ~~  A deepening sense of what being in the feminine is about  ~~  A weekend of being richly companioned  ~~  Creative and rewarding explorations  ~~  A gathering of wisdom  ~~  Time out and space for you  ~~

Take away with you:   A new valuing of this part of your life’s journey  ~~  Your own wiser understandings ~~ An enhanced sense of who you are as a woman at this time of life  ~~  

“I have been facilitating women’s retreats and courses for 25 years.  Words that might describe how they can be are….meaningful, joyous, potent, deep, transformative, nurturing, inspiring, rich, moving, fun, belonging, supportive……Something special happens when a group of women come together in this way to explore a significant theme about our life’s journey.  In a deeply respectful space each of us can follow our own individual enquiry while feeling inspired by, and connected with, others.  We take away with us more sense of creativity, strength                 and trust in our own wondrous feminine nature.” (No former experience is needed)


About Satyo:  Satyo Cate Sullivan (BCA., MA (Cat). PACFA reg.) works as a psychotherapist and creative arts/dance therapist in the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands.


When:  Saturday 17th October, 9.30 – 5.30pm and Sunday 18th October, 9.30 – 4.30pm.  To Book: Full payment or 50% to C. Sullivan, BSB 062 585 Account no. 0022 1907.   Or send cheque to  C. Sullivan, PO Box 3381, Robertson, 2577   Maximum number in workshop – 8 women.   Price of Workshop: – $230   EARLY BIRD: $200 – received by October 2nd.    (One or two concession prices.)                                                   Enquiries and Bookings: Satyo on 0412 122010. Email: satyo@shoal.net.au   Website:  http://satyosullivan.com