Tantric Sex DVD- Secrets of Sacred Sex

Tantric Sex DVD

Tantric Sex DVD

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Learn the secrets of sacred sex. Discover an art of loving that will forever transform your lovemaking into a truly intimate, fulfilling, spiritual experience. 

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Tantra Sex DVD:

Based on the ancient Tantric belief that the hidden potency of sexual loving is the seed of all creativity and transcendence, this remarkable tantric sex dvd teaches you how to awaken your own natural sexual energy and experience a deeper level of intimacy and connectedness with your love partner.
This tantra sex DVD is beautifully filmed in exotic settings with visual but sensitive explicitness, you’ll be guided by six engaging, real-life couples who share and demonstrate methods adapted for Western lovers in sacred sex lovemaking. You’ll explore over twenty techniques to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy including; sexual breathing and movement, guided imagery, erotic touch, sexual dialogue, self pleasuring, expanding orgasm and positions for ecstatic lovemaking. The Secrets of Sacred Sex is Australia’s  leading and best selling tantric  sex DVD.

The Secrets of Sacred Sex revealed in this Tantric Sex  DVD include:

– Opening to trust and awakening the five senses
– Learning how to expand pleasure and arousal to the whole body
– Achieving multiple and prolonged orgasm for men and women
– Transforming sexual loving into a deeply profound and ecstatic experience

The Tantric sex DVD explores ways of enhancing one’s sexuality as well as creating greater intimacy, sensuality and spirituality in one’s life and relationships. Based on ancient Eastern Tantric teachings, the Tantric Sex DVD teaches viewers how to awaken their own natural sexual energy and experience a deeper level of intimacy with their partner.  The Tantric sex DVD features six engaging, real-life couples who share and demonstrate methods of sacred sex lovemaking.

A Triple Image Films Production.
Produced by Ron Tanner and Cynthia Connop
Directed by Cynthia Connop
Sexuality Advisors: Kerry & Diane Riley and Christine Niyaso Carter
Written By:C ynthia Connop & Christine Niyaso Carter
DVD – R 18+ 74 Minutes

$49.95 + Postage & Handling


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What Viewers Had To Say

  • Thank you very much! After purchasing 'Sexual Secrets for Men' book and 'The Secrets of Sacred Sex' DVD my understanding of my life partner has changed dramatically. I feel alive again and so does our relationship . My wife is reading it now too!The daily devotion is a wonderful way to recharge and say I love you ! Stewart 43 years
  • I bought the book "Sexual Secrets For Men" and DVD  for my son.  He  loved it.  His girlfriend recently broke up with him, and after reading the book, he realized how bad of a boyfriend he was, and how bad he was in bed, so he says. As a result of his insights he has made a ton of positive changes in his life, that I have been waiting for for a long time, since I see his potential,  he's now in school, and is going to college in the fall, he's in shape, and has been studying Kung Fu and its all thanks to your book on 'Sexual Secrets for men' which is so much more!!!!!  Mandy 45 years  

  • We are both divorced after long marriages and have now been in relationship for 8 years, and we do live apart. I work part time now after being very busy with my own physiotherapy practice. We have a great relationship and had heard about tantra and felt we ‘didn’t want to miss out’.  I was looking for some information about tantra after my partner wanted to find out more, I bought the book ‘Tantric Secrets for Men, and the DVD, the ‘Secrets of Tantric Sex’. So we decided that to have some personal tuition would be great. What I got out most out to the session was the concept of giving and receiving and how beneficial it is to include special times for receiving attention and tantric practice and other times to give to my beloved. Diane has a lovely presence which helped me get over my initial shyness. Thank you Diane for a fabulous session
    Catrina, 55 Years