Tantra Training Loveworks

Tantra Teacher Training: “LoveWorks”    

Tantra teacher training  working with couples and singles

Dates: 2024 September 19/20/21/22 

Professional Tantra training

In contemporary skills of tantra and practices to assist couples and  singles.

  • Add tantra skills to your current modality
  • Or teach independently
  • Working with women, men or couples
  • Assisting in enriching relationships 
  • Personally invaluable!



VIDEO TESTIMONIALS from previous participants

The Loveworks Tantra Teacher Training Program 

The course was developed Diane Riley, director of the Australian School of Tantra –  Australia’s most professional School of Tantra Established Tantra Teachings for over 35 years, as a result of the training you will be able to teach people the skills and knowledge to assist them to have a more soul-full and intimate connection in their love life.

If you are practicing in an holist health modality such as; massage, reiki, sexual health, life coach, yoga teacher, counsellor, marriage counsellor or medical professional you will find this course and training invaluable giving insights, tools, techniques gathered from Diane and Kerry’s life time of work in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra and relationship counselling (over 35 years each). More and more couples are curious about Tantra and want to see how it can benefit them. You don’t have to have an extensive background on Tantra, because these practices you will be learning to teach have been tried and tested over 10 years by teachers trained by Australian School of Tantra. They get results!

There are two purposes for participating in this Tantra training.

1. PROFESSIONAL: For women and men who want to add these teachings to their own modalities and practices. For use with their own clients – Many couples face sexuality and intimacy issues and these practices you will learn have been tried and tested and get results. So you will be able to expand on the education and practices that you already offer in your own practice. You will have access to a follow up program, 6 weeks of case support by email of questions and answers by all graduates.

2. PERSONAL USE: For Men and Women who want to use these teachings for their own personal use in their own relationship or future relationships. This training will undoubtedly add great value to your love life. Couples have trouble staying together and singles have trouble finding the ‘right’ partner. You’ll have skills to get the type of loving relationship you want. We can all benefit from a deeper love with more soul-full connecting with our partner. You’ll be so much better equipped after the training to manifest what you want.

About The  Tantra Training

It’s a Four Day Intensive Course and there really isn’t anything like it available anywhere . Taught by Diane Riley who has an extensive background and experience in Sacred Sexuality EducationLimited positions, acceptance by phone interview only. A certificate of attendance and recognition as a Loveworks teacher by the Australian School of Tantra.

Training Dates: 2024 September 19/20/21/22 Location: Byron Bay
Location: Byron Bay Community Center


Certification upon completion


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The practices and knowledge you will be given in the training can easily be used with individuals addressing both women’s and men’s sexuality, but the emphasis in this program will be working with couples. Many more couples are now interested in exploring the benefits of Tantric Practices in their loving relationship. Couples inquire now for many reasons: add new skills, differences in desire, put new spark into their love life, lack of libido in one or both, ejaculation control for the man, non satisfying orgasms and pleasure for the woman, wanting more intimacy with their partner, sex isn’t happening as much because of busy lifestyle and children and losing their passion for each other, wanting to have more ecstatic lovemaking experience, people in their second marriage not wanting to get into previous patterns and give their new relationship a good start, couples seeking a more sacred side to their sexuality, and couples who are simply curious about Tantra and want to learn how to apply it. In this training you will be given practices to address all of these common issues.

About DIANE RILEY And Her Work:

Diane Riley is one of the most knowledgeable voices on sacred female sexuality writing and teaching today. In Sexy and Sacred, she provides not only a wealth of information to help women of all ages embrace and enhance their sexual selves, but very practical advice too. A lot of people ask me how to have great sex. Now I can tell women if they want to discover and delight in their pleasure potential, listen to Diane Riley’s sage words in this book!
Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, Sexologist and Author[/quote]

Diane will be assisted by Kerry to specifically cover issues men face in a sexual loving relationship and what they and you can do about it. Also assisting are accredited Tantra Goddess Practitioners with the Australian School of Tantra who work with singles and couples.   and Soelae Tantric Educator(Tantra Way Home Course, Meditation and Yoga Teacher).

Modalities of Previous Participants 

  • Those genuinely curious to open to more love and pleasure!
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Meditation teachers
  • Beauty Industry
  • Acupuncturists
  • Teachers
  • Secondary School Principals
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Wellness and Life Style Coaches
  • Masseuse
  • Adult Industry
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Midwives
  • Obstetrician
  • Dance therapists
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Educators
  • Chiropractors
  • Women’s Health Practitioners
  • Sexlogists
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Lovers of life and learning

Common motivations why people want to find out about Tantra

  • Know that there must be more to sexuality
  • Want their sexual experience to be more meaningful
  • Interested in holistic approach to sexuality/relationship.
  • Want more pleasure and ecstacy
  • Too busy, too tired, kids etc and sex is not happening .
  • Want to explore more experiences. 
  • Want to learn some sensual/erotic massage skills.
  • She has lost her desire or he has lost his so there is a difference in desire.
  • Want to put a new spark in our love life. 
  • S/he wants more intimacy in relationship and sex.
  • Want to bring more soulfulness into or love life.
  • Her orgasm is elusive or unreliable orgasm.
  • He doesn’t last long enough.
  • Sometimes one of them has had an affair and they think Tantra may help the healing and build trust again
  • One or both have broken up before from a long term relationship/ marriage. Now s/he has a new relationship and wants to learn other ways in improve sex and relationship. 
  • New in relationships/sexuality- want to gain more confidence.
  • New young family and s/he less libido.
  • She has gone through menopause and doesn’t feel as sexy and it’s upsetting their relationship.
  • Health or lifestyle issues affecting couples intimacy.


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Video Testimonials from previous participants

LoveWorks Tantra Teacher Training

  • I learned so many skills and practices including how to 'coach' a couple. The presentation was excellent with a combination of lecture, demonstrations, discussions, paired process, slide presentation and discussion of case studies.  Kerry and Diane are very authentic and 'walk their talk, they laugh, have fun and are sincere and are masters of tantra. Tantra Yin Yoga teacher and Yoga Trainer
    Tara, Loveworks Tantra teacher Training March 2017
  • I highly recommend this training. Kerry and Diane took the very vast teachings and distilled them to soulful teachings and practices that can be returned to again and again. I'm incredibly grateful to witness 'true' tantric couple bringing ancient teachings to modern life!
    Natalie Bondine, LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training March 2017
  • As a counselor I found this training so valuable. It was a complete step by step guide, put together so well. There were so many fabulous practices to be able to integrate and share with my clients.  
    Sarah, LoveWorks Tantra teacher training March 2017
  • This training was just want I wanted to add more skills and practices to my counselling practice. I will be able to use many of teh white tantra practices was well as the couple practices with clients. the training was respectful and fun and Kerry and Diane shared so much wisdom and experience. Brilliant!
    Janette, LoveWorks Tantra teacher training March 2017
  • Just brilliant! I really appreciated the heart felt centered sex positive message and the presentation. I recommend the Loveworks Tantra teacher training  because it was not just theory. This was well researched, holistic and LIVED. Taught by two people that I consider genuine Tantra masters in the fullest sense of the term.  Diane and Kerry are beautiful beings you can trust your heart and relationship with. Thank you !!!
    William Federico, LoveWorks Tantra teacher training March 2017
  • I realised how tantra is a vehicle for understanding daily life. I gained more understanding of men's psyche as well as how to help them in a supportive way with their issues, as well as learning about managing the Kali energy. It was wonderful as a visual learner to have practices demonstrated by Diane as she would work with clients in her own sessions. This really assisted my understanding and learning also that we practiced all skills in pairs or small groups and worked with many case studies. the training was such a fun and supportive please to learn, and really felt comfortable to express myself without my usual shyness, which will be invaluable with my own clients.
    Aninha, Loveworks Tantra teacher training 2017
  • Thank you Diane and Kerry for this Training. I loved the program as it is systematic and well thought out.  It's so practical, down to earth and well structured that it will be very easy to add to my sessions with my own clients to add to their daily life. The LoveWorks program brings the skills of sacred sexuality and tantra into the realm of daily life.
    Tegan, LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training March 2017
  • Thought I'd write you a wee note to thank you and honour you beautiful souls for the gifts you weave into people’s lives. As Ben and I journeyed slowly down the coast we rolled the swags out at various stops along the way, laying under the nearly full moon nestled into each other’s arms we noticed our bodies were vibrating! What majick we posses within and what magnificent journeys we take to find this. I noticed cathartic shifts in Ben in his own self too. I feel very drawn to using this work to unlock and heal people’s hearts and energies, to help them on their journeys within and to in turn heal the earth. I know it would take a whole process of unlocking and nurturing and opening for people to be ready to let themselves dive into the more energetic mandalas, but I feel the need to offer this and also what I have gathered on my own journeys for others. I do however feel I need to learn more about the mandalas and possibly do some more sacred sexuality study and any guidance would be taken with gusto!
  • All the directions taught in the LoveWorks Program are easy and can be put into practice. The demo’s were done in a beautiful and caring heart centred space. The energy was amazing and the help went above and beyond. The teachers are friendly, caring and helpful. The hand outs are full of info and the books and dvd are a great Aid. I will share my knowledge and the course with everyone I know and passing on your details to my clients!
  • The simplicity and structure of the sessions and framework throughout the loveworks training was great. Being able to do the taught practices so we can experiment embodying what it feels like to receive or be part of a practice. I loved the energy work with Tibetan pulsing and the practical skills o enhance relationship. I appreciate you both greatly. Thank you.
    Carly: Yoga Teacher & Personal Coach
  • All the skills and techniques taught in the LoveWorks Program are easy and can be put into practice. The demo’s were done in a beautiful and caring heart centred space. The energy was amazing and the help went above and beyond. The teachers are friendly, caring and helpful. The hand outs are full of info and the books and dvd are a great aid. I will share my knowledge and the course with everyone I know and passing on your details to my clients!
    Jules: NLP Trainer, 2012 LoveWorks TantraTeacher Training
  • Diane & Kerry, Thank you so much. The loveworks training has been so valuable to me for what I want to do in my professional life, but also has impacted my emotional/personal life in a profound way. I value your compassion, your knowledge and your connection. What you have taught me will allow me to create a greater image in my work with women and couples. Everything was perfect from the presenters, to the venue, to the music choices, to the content.
    Kim Gillespie
  • Diane and Kerry are amazing presenters, holding a sacred space for us to dive deeply in to the area of sacred sexuality. The simplicity with which the delivery and content was given has make me feel confident in my ability to use these tools ongoing with myself and others. There was no ‘ego’ around these teachers and I feel privileges to have experienced their energy, their work and their presence. I totally recommend the trainings, no matter how experienced you are with Tantra. I felt the full integrity of the teachers- a very safe environment was created for us to fully explore this area of sacred sexuality for me, it totally surpassed my expectations, giving me practical tools to continue this deepening as well as the confidence to utilise these skills in my coaching and training practice. I felt that in the session with Kerry some beautiful and major shift happen and I am deliriously happy.
    Premananda: NLP Trainer, Spiritual Mentor, Author of ‘Becoming Premananda’, Personal Coach
  • Thank you so much Diane, the Earth Queen, Kerry, filled with the fire & energy, beautiful Soelae and all involved. You have handed me & the worlds a sacred gift. The whole course was valuable, the way the course flowed and the way each day unfolded was what made it easy to digest. Soelae’s beautiful yoga energetic- connecting with spirit, flowing with spirit was such a beautiful easy to start the day and has inspired me to journey further into a broader range of yoga and to teach this. The pulsing made me realise the sacred energies we are working with here and I very much want to learn more, I feel like I have taken a small sip from an ocean. It was a perfect course; it was a taste before journeying deeper. Enough to take in and take away and come back for more later.
    Rebecca Perry: Yoga Teacher, Mentor
  • I had participated in both the Tantra Goddess Practitioner Training and feel that the LoveWorks training was different- I am leaving with a sense of power that has been confirmed during the 5 day course, I know that I will make a huge difference in people’s life. Diane and Kerry I love your passion about your work. You truly show it. My life has been transformed from the day I looked into Tantra and I am grateful for that.
  • Adrian: The Australian School of Tantra, and these Private Couples Coaching Sessions were highly recommended to me by Phoenix Rising in Brisbane. I have trained as a Sports Kinesiologist. The unforgettable session met all my expectations. I did not know much about Tantra and now I’m very excited with all the new knowledge. Diane helpe us to connect, the techniques were easy to learn and simple to follow and yet have made a significant change to our relationship. I look forward to continue to learn more, and I will be recommending these sessions to everyone. Thankyou for your kindness and gentleness. Lisa: I am trained in NLP, Rebirthing and Kinesiology, we were recommended to come from Phoenix Rising. Over three days I have been fortunate to learn Sacred Sex techniques from one so gentle and experienced as Diane. My husband and I have learned beautiful practises, such as Daily Devotion and Heart-on-Heart which I know will be a part of my life from now on. A deeply informative, practical and enriching experience which I would highly recommend to any couple.
    Adrian (47) & Lisa (62), 5 yr old relationship, married, children & grandchildren
  • Aaron: Masculine and Feminine energy are both within us and will ebb and flow. Sexual energy and desire are an integral part of an intimate relationship and must be given sufficient priority to foster the love people share. It was very special to meet and be taught by Diane, who clearly has a wonderful wealth of knowledge, skill and technique to share. Her manner is both highly professional and somewhat loving and maternal! If you have the slightest inkling to deepen and strengthen your relationship, come and see Diane! Karen: The environment where the session took place was comfortable, and Diane’s teaching method shows her understanding of the needs and wants of her students. Any thoughts / questions we had were answered and didn’t leave us feeling ‘unanswered’. We particularly benefitted from learning structured communication practises and committing to making time in our schedules to really ‘be’ with each other and take our practises further. I highly recommend anyone to participate in a Tantra Couples Coaching Session to enhance their relationship through increasing intimacy, communication and deepening sexuality.
    Aaron (48) - Airline Pilot & Karen (35) - Administrator, Professionals
  • Jasmine: Thankyou, I really enjoyed how open Diane was, and how comfortable and at ease she made us. I felt a bit like a ‘giggly school girl’, but Diane made the experience very relaxed. Damien: I found these sessions really valuable, and I feel like we have some important new skills to develop – some real paradigm changing ideas, I am really looking forward to integrating these practises into our world.
    Jasmine (40) & Damien (44) – Manager, 3 yr old relationship, Living together with 4 children
  • Kylie: My partner bought me a gift of a Tantra Couples Coaching Session, I have been trained in Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, but have never attended any workshops or sessions in Tantra. I found the affirmation of each other and our relationship to be incredibly powerful, as well as the breathing, and I look forward to incorporating pranayama and asana into the bedroom. Tantra is a beautiful practise that deepens love both physically and spiritually, and I feel very excited to grow our love in the relationship and carry it out into the world.   Nick: I wanted to buy my partner a gift, and having studied Meditation and practised Yoga,  I decided on a Private Tantra Couples Coaching Session with Diane Riley from the Australian School of Tantra after reading online reviews of her work. I really benefited in the session from learning the breathing skills and connecting energy with my partner. I also valued learning how the appreciation of my partner plays a part in the energy, and realising that there is a constant connecting with your partner, and it is important to use Tantra to better experience it. Great Session!
    Kylie (26) – Visual Merchandiser, Neil (26) – eCommerce Developer, 2 Year Relationship Living Together