Q and A Tantra  couples session:

We are so happy we found Australian School of Tantra

Many couples have  Q and A Tantra couples session:  brings focused awareness, education to love, sex and passion.

Q and A Tantra Couples Session: Start your tantric journey now, or deepened your tantric practice with an accredited Tantric educator and coach who has been approved by Australian’s leading and most professional Tantric School, the Australian School of Tantra.

Australian School of Tantra Couple Educators are accredited, professional and  are very experienced with many aspects of Tantra and relationships .  Have had thorough training and highly skilled working with couples, whether they have been together for 2 weeks or 25 years or more.

The tantra practices and skills give benefit to bring

renewed passion

deeper understanding and emotional connection.

New sensual and erotic skills

Soulful connection

enhancing libido ( both for men and women)

Especially good:  for couples with young children/             planning to conceive/                   new relationships/                 mature relationships/    for relationships  where one or both partner are experiencing stress or health difficulty.

Q and A Tantra couples session :

  1. I am worried that attending a private couples coaching session will be more confronting than a couples workshop, is this true?

Answer:  No, The sessions are conducted in a casual professional setting, our practitioners are sensitive to the needs of both partners.  The sessions are non-confrontational, clothed and tailored to your individual needs as a couple. Many couples actually find the private sessions less confrontational than attending a workshop.


  1. Will we need to be naked, or in sexual positions in the session?

Answer: No, the sessions are conducted fully clothed.


# We want to be naked?

Answer: It is not required and it is not necessary  in the sessions.


  1. How long are the sessions, and how many sessions do you recommend, What is the cost?

Answer:  The sessions are 1hour 30minutes in length, and it entirely depends on the couple and why they are seeking the coaching as to how many sessions are recommended.

Ie. If a couple is just coming for curiosity, have a good sex life etc. then maybe only 1-2 sessions are required to teach the major practices. However if the couple have differences in libido, lost the spark in their relationship, or other sexual or communication difficulties, we would recommend 3-4 sessions. The cost is $295.00 – $335.00 per session. After the initial session 3 or more sessions

from $ 255 per session.


  1. Do we have to be in a long term relationship to benefit from these sessions?

Answer:  No, our practitioners see young couples who have only been together for a couple of months as well as couples who have been married for many years and are much older. Tantra benefits couples of any age group, and stage of relationship.


  1. My partner and I have not practiced Tantra, Yoga or meditation before, will these sessions still be of use to us?

Answer:  Yes, the principles of Tantra are universal, you do not have to have studied any oriental arts to benefit from the sessions.  Kerry and Diane’s work in bringing Tantra to Australia over the past 30 years, has enabled them to devise practices that are applicable and practical for the ‘normal modern couple’, their wealth of experience with talking with thousands of people about Tantra has enabled them to develop a program to teach Tantra to couples in an effective way that gets results and some remarkable outcomes – please read our testimonials.

Locations are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast Qld, South Coast NSW. Byron Bay .