Melbourne Hens Nights

Melbourne Hens Nights  in  with Marie, the facilitator of Australian School of Tantra.

These popular Tantra Goddess Hens Nights bring to you a special way to celebrate your Hen.

Marie brings and shares her Tantra goddess energy and special secrets with you for an event to remember and more importantly

shake your inner feminine and ignite the tantric goddess energy within to assist your hen and friends to empower their deepest and most delicious sexy feminine energy.

Melbourne Tantra goddess Hens Night

Melbourne Hens Nights

Share with your hen

Experience hip dance as a way of connecting with your sensuality/sexuality as a joyous, enlivening celebration.

Learn ancient goddess secrets to increase your and your partner’s sensual and orgasmic pleasure.

Learn Tantric massage tips to extend his pleasure.

Learn Goddess skills to turn a man on, and the secrets of male pleasure. 

Goddess blessing for the bride and her groom

Marie loves sharing her tips!

Book your Melbourne Hens nights with Marie.

Testimonials re Melbourne Hens Nights with Marie

” Marie was sensational we had so much fun and asked anything we wanted to and we learned to so much” … Rachel 28years

“We loved Marie, she had us laughing and celebrating in style, it was fantastic”… Sarah 34 years

‘I highly recommend Tantra goddess Melbourne Hens Nights, what a way to kick off conversation about …” … April 24 Years

“Even the hen’s mother raved about it” … Annie 21 years


Some of the ancient Goddesses can guide us to empower our sexuality, here is an extract from Diane Riley’s Book Sexy and Sacred.  ( Read the poem at the bottom of the page).

Early goddesses, priestesses and holy women

‘A goddess who predated Aphrodite was Inanna from Sumeria. Inanna
was considered ‘queen of heaven and earth’ and she embodied one of
the most ancient forms of the goddess of love and sensuality. When I fi rst
came across her stories and hymns, they captured my imagination. Taken
from Sumerian tablets dating more than 2,000 B.C.E. they are stories of
passionate and erotic love, as well as Inanna’s journey to the underworld
and back. I was moved by the beauty of the erotic poetic verse and felt
disappointed that the portrayal of this quality of sexual intimacy is diffi cult
to fi nd in popular literature, let alone in our culture as a whole today.
The following is a brief passage illustrating Inanna’s sensuality, eroticism
and simplicity:’

He is the one my womb loves best.
His hand is honey, his foot is honey,
He sweetens me always.
My eager impetuous caresser of the navel,
My caresser of the soft thighs,
He is the one my womb loves best.