Tantric Breath

Tantric Breath One practice to tune in and harmonise with your lover is to slowly follow each others breath. No one is to lead, but to harmonise and enjoy the experience of finding harmony between both breaths. Slow down, let go and allow a flow of ‘energy’ to grow and your breath will take care […]

Couples Coaching

when you don't see eye to eye

Feeling Uncomfortable and Finding Harmony  In the initial stages of most relationships when men and women meet and fall in love, there is lots of love and energy and intimacy, lots of lovemaking and lots of passion. Then, after a period of time many couples lose it. The Hite Report states that eighty five percent […]


Alone-ness What is it to explore and continue to find your own alone-ness? Many people in relationship  are trying to remain themselves. Both lovers are related and yet independent and hence often a struggle arise. They forget to discuss their values, aspirations and activities or ideas  and may become resentful. What can we do: Giving […]

Advanced Sexual Secrets for Men

Tantric Secrets for Men Advanced Tantric secrets for Men Tantric Secrets for Men ABSORBING SHAKTI ENERGY One of the least understood Tantric Secrets for Men is absorption of shakti energy, come along to the LoveWorks Tantra teacher training in Feb yet it is a subtle energy that you can pick up any time you are […]

Learn Tantric massage

Learn Tantric Massage https://australianschooloftantra.com.au/tantra_trainings/ Learn Tantric massage at the LoveWorks Training When you learn tantric massage it has the potential for you to give your man more pleasure than he has ever experienced before. He may have had a massage before, but not like the one you are about to give him. Traditional masseurs avoid […]

Lingam, what is the meaning?

Lingam, what is the meaning? Lingam, what is the meaning in the 21st Century? In western tantra ‘ Lingam’ is referring to the male ‘wand of light’, Does this have any reference to modern day lovers who practice ‘lingam honouring’ or ‘lingam massage’ ?? First lets look at what has been written, Subhamoy Das is […]

Receive Me – by Performance Poet Christo

We love this Poem by Performance Poet Christo: Receive Me Let me in, let’s make lovingnesses, or, Need not necessarily be physical, touching compassion, Thought that you were my comfort or could be each others. I can’t tell you what you want to hear – she did not say. We both knew during the paure, it […]

Tantra Courses for Men

Improve Your Sex Life

Vogue Men – Sept 97 Tantra and Tantra courses for men an assist in so many sexuality and relationship areas. ‘Tantric Secrets for Men’, first published by Random House in Australia as ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ was the subject of review by Vogue Magazine as seen below. Tantric teacher and tantric educator Kerry Riley has […]

The Art of Slow Sex

Article from The Australian Tantric sex practices offer a variety of sexual styles, from the dynamic fast, often a form of the quickie, to the slow and sensual. Tantra encourages tantric lovers to expand their lovemaking and ask lovers to dialogue with each other and include new ways of lovemaking. The Sydney Australian interviewed Kerry […]

Listening to your Heart

By Satyo Cate Sullivan (guest facitiator Womens Tantra Retreat April 23-25 2010) “The key to discovering the fulfilment that love can give us is to begin to listen to these messages. It is so easy when going about everyday life, managing, coping, and achieving, to either switch off from the heart or stay tuned in […]