Tantric love couples coaching

 Tantric  Love Couples: Practitioner Layla (Sydney and Byron Bay)

Layla Tantra Couples Sessions

I have studied Tantra, sacred sexuality, love and relationships with Kerry & Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra  (ASOT).   Since 2007 I have been a  qualified Tantra Yoga teacher, Wellness Coach and Tantra Couples coach.

Layla has dedicated her life to her inner spiritual journey, and to the discovery of enhancing the sexual relationship between lovers.
Layla sessions are in both Byron Bay and Sydney.





Tantric Love

Tantric love for couples is such a gift:

I’ve seen so many amazing benefits for couples of all ages and from all walks of life. I feel so privileged to be able to be able to teach the Tantric Love program to couples in Byron Bay and in Sydney. I look forward to sharing with you this wonderful information of Tantric Love to enrich your relationship.

Tantric Love tips for Lovers

Vary your lovemaking location.

Some times use mindfulness and ‘Take your time’.

Appreciate your beloved tell them words of love… any many more.

For most people, lovemaking starts with foreplay, flows to intercourse, and climaxes with orgasm. In most cases, it runs from beginning to end without break. Any break is seen as an interruption to the performance, not part of lovemaking.

In these pauses are moments to slow down, to savour, to integrate and feel more deeply sharing the delights of love making, which includes, eye contact, harmonised breath, delights of touch and many other elements of lovemaking that are often overlooked and omitted.

Images in Taoist and Tantric books show the woman sitting on the man’s lingam and playing a flute; this was ‘just’ another part of the love session. There are scenes of an emperor having cups of tea with all his consorts whilst in sexual embrace or within a sensual setting. In modern sex, there aren’t many pauses.   By taking even a five minute pause for some beverages, the revitalising pheromones and natural endorphins of passion and love that you have been generating will remain with you.’

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